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Looking for a higher degree of marketing engagement?

Does your institution as a whole – act as a whole? Different departments can create their own rogue messaging. Field recruiters may use outdated event signage. And tactics that are working for some aren’t being shared as success models for others. If you want to appeal to all your audiences – students, alums, donors, supporters – it’s critical to put your most intelligent, unified face forward across the board.
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Engage in new ways

Sharing relevant, timely information to sell the many benefits of enrollment will set you apart and increase the likelihood of growing your programs. Adding dynamic customization and 1:1 personalization of marcom content and imagery via a MarcomCentral portal is a proven way to engage even more new students and re-engage alums who can clearly see what’s in it for them – now and in the long-term.

Get personal to get growing

To help establish and legitimize your brand, you can’t afford to use outdated technologies. Marketing information needs to be accessible via mobile, social, and real time to provide for all audiences more effectively. If you’re still using a share drive or homegrown solution that’s outworn its welcome, it’s time to embrace web-based solutions like MarcomCentral.
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Stop, collaborate and listen

Social sharing is a key part of any marketing strategy, and MarcomCentral has the flexibility to integrate with many complimentary platforms and tools. For instance, consider adding social share channels like Chatter and Hoopla within your MarcomCentral intranet. It can allow recruiters and alumni managers to share ideas (and potentially assets) that are working so everyone has an increased chance for results.
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Streamline marketing operations

Outdated manual processes keep member drive campaigns in a holding pattern. Implementing a MarcomCentral web-based portal can empower creatives to do what they love – CREATE. No more time-consuming versioning. Pre-approved users can simply jump on the portal, grab an asset and customize based upon your pre-determined selections.
Automate Marketing Processes

Increase speed-to-quad

Audience data is in continual ‘refresh’ mode. That’s why web-based marketing solutions are essential to putting together the latest marketing assets with the latest information. MarcomCentral’s integration with Salesforce takes it a step further, empowering you to share key CRM data. The result is more meaningful campaign experiences based on the services or programs students and supporters have historically shown interest in – or are exploring right NOW.
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Beat the language barrier

Costly translation services can put a huge dent in your budget. Using MarcomCentral, you can utilize multi-language capabilities to keep translation services an internal function, and much-needed funds where they belong.
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Master regulatory compliance

Meeting regulatory and financial compliance from local, state, federal and international agencies is always on the agenda for institutions. Now more than ever, it’s critical to equip teams across your organization with the most up-to-date marketing materials to avoid potential inconsistencies beyond your line-of-sight.
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Centralize all your efforts

Missteps can happen. Imagery and guidelines “go missing”; outdated regulatory data is shared; and brand messaging can be completely misinterpreted. Implementing one go-to, web-based source for approved marcom will allow every department to connect and compare messaging – with no room for error – at anytime, from anywhere.
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