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Reduce One-Off Requests

Get back to your to-do list and leave the one-off creative requests behind by giving your institution access to an online marketing portal that houses on-brand customizable marketing materials.


Connect Your Institution

Stop using outdated technologies and messy shared drives and embrace one simple solution that’s accessible in real-time so everyone in your institution is always connected.


Gain More Attention

Always give your audience a consistent brand experience by providing your marketing team with current brand guidelines, imagery and messaging all within an online marketing portal.

MarcomCentral’s user-friendly platform gives your team a way to collaborate on ideas, share campus announcements and provides users with real-time access to your entire marketing portfolio with just the click of a button. Give your team an easier, more intuitive approach to brand asset management today!

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“60% percent of workers are either completely overwhelmed or barely meeting their deadlines” according to a survey done by Workflow. Whether you’re the marketing manager, graphic designer or director of your institution, you probably also want to reduce the amount of “fire drills” that occur on a daily basis. This helpful blog gives examples of what you can do to reduce these requests and empower your team with a self-service platform.

Marketing Asset Portal Video

Your web-based marketing asset portal will be maintained and managed by your corporate marketing team to ensure all materials in the portal are updated and approved for use. Users will be able to access everything from presentations and brochures, to emails and promotional items. You can also pick which assets can be customized based on content rules and logic that you establish during set-up to ensure everything in the portal is on-brand.

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