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Healthcare & Pharma

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Challenges for Corporate Marketing

Your brand messaging can be completely misinterpreted when imagery and guidelines “go missing” and outdated regulatory data is inadvertently shared. A marketing on demand solution allows corporate marketing to connect reps with approved marketing assets and vendors from anywhere, anytime.

Localized Marketing Pieces on Demand

Create greater customer engagement by delivering relevant information. Access to branded and customizable templates enables field reps to leverage their local market knowledge so they can create the localized marketing pieces they need.
Marketing Asset Portal

Resources for Heatlhcare & Pharma

See how other Healthcare & Pharma clients have had success with their MarcomCentral implementations. MarcomCentral Enterprise Edition gives corporate piece of mind when it comes to brand and regulatory compliance.
Marcia Morris, Obagi

Obagi Video

Our old portal setup wasn’t working well, and the agency we were using were the ones who actually recommended we should check out MarcomCentral as a better option.
Brand Compliance Portal

Brand Compliance Video

Good brand compliance involves ensuring complete control of your corporate brand across every level of your organization. And nowhere is your brand more visible than in your marketing communications.
MarcomCentral Marketing Portal

Corporate Marketing Template

A corporate marketing template empower sales teams, partners and distributors to connect with customers on a regional, local and even one-to-one level while maintaining complete brand compliance in the field.