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How are you strengthening global goals at the local level?

Devising compelling messaging and support materials for your organization or facility can be challenging, especially with potential roadblocks in the form of approval channels and regulatory compliance. But, creating a seamless, cost-effective path to them is easy. MarcomCentral is your go-to, centralized hub for approved, sharable and hyper-customizable marketing assets to engage your support base like never before. And your own corporate hub can be up and running in no time.
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Engage in new ways

Sharing relevant information to validate a potential partnership reduces confusion, heightens personal interest and increases likelihood of participation. Adding dynamic customization and 1:1 personalization of marcom content and imagery via a MarcomCentral portal is a proven way to engage even more partners who can clearly see how their support matters.
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Get personal and get growing

To help establish and legitimize your brand, you can’t afford to use outdated technologies. Marketing information needs to be accessible via mobile, social, and real time to provide for all audiences more effectively. If you’re still using a share drive or homegrown solution that’s outworn its welcome, it’s time to embrace web-based solutions like MarcomCentral.
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Maximize connectivity across borders

How to unify the look and feel of geographically-separated offices is one of the hardest challenges faced by non-profits. Even within the same building it can be tough. Using MarcomCentral, you can instantaneously share marketing updates (product, service, imagery and more) while eliminating rogue silos of misinformation that can cost supporters and affect your much-needed donation base.
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Beat the language barrier

Costly translation services can put a huge dent in your budget. Using MarcomCentral, you can utilize multi-language capabilities to keep translation services an internal function, and much-needed funds where they belong.
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Increase speed-to-market

Supporter data is in continual ‘refresh’ mode. That’s why web-based marketing solutions are essential to putting together the latest marketing assets with the latest information. MarcomCentral’s integration with Salesforce takes it a step further, empowering you to share key CRM data. The result is more meaningful campaign experiences based on the services or initiatives your supporters and followers have historically shown interest in – or are exploring right NOW.
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Master regulatory compliance

Meeting regulatory compliance from local, state, federal and international agencies is always on the agenda for non-profits. Now more than ever, it’s critical to equip teams across your organization with the most up-to-date marketing materials to avoid potential inconsistencies beyond your line-of-sight.
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