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Can stores be hyper-local and still 100% on-brand?

It’s always a race against the clock for retailers. While associates on the front lines push in-store loyalty programs and seasonal inventory, business development reps back at HQ work to pursue B2B leads, new channels and sponsorships. The key to everyone’s success is giving them easy, web-based access to the distinct messaging that speaks to their unique audiences, while retaining brand and regulatory compliance across the board. It can be done. MarcomCentral can help.

Mastering Local Store Marketing.

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Increase speed-to-market

Your consumer data is in continual ‘refresh’ mode. That’s why a web-based marketing solution like MarcomCentral is essential to helping you align local stores with the latest corporate marcom that’s proving to get results. The result is more meaningful brand experiences based on the behaviors customers are demonstrating NOW.

Safeguard brand integrity

Retailers are often spread across product lines, specialized divisions —and even time zones. While it’s smart to customize cultural messaging, your core brand integrity can get lost along the way. By housing assets with dynamic content areas on their MarcomCentral portal, our clients can maintain a consistent brand experience across borders, from anywhere at any time.

Automate Marketing Processes

Foster collaborative growth

Social sharing is now a key part of any marketing strategy. One of our clients integrated a Hoopla link with their MarcomCentral portal, so their sales teams can engage in friendly competition and share ideas (and potentially assets) that are working in the field. In the end, corporate is the winner by solidifying their reputation as an open-minded and collaborative business leader who supports revenue objectives at the corporate – and individual – levels.

Engage in new ways

You can use your MarcomCentral portal to empower regional sites with big-brand collateral, ads, emails and digital assets they likely could never duplicate on their own without great expense. They can also take advantage of dynamic customization and 1:1 personalization of content and imagery – proven to help re-engage existing customers and pique the interest of new prospects.
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Attract new partnerships

You know that bringing in the best suppliers attracts more loyal, long-term customers. In ‘opening the doors’ to your latest and greatest marketing via one go-to MarcomCentral hub, partners will have even more confidence in your stores’ abilities to close deals. They’ll also be more likely to maintain your relationship down the road.