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Retail & Franchise


Attract New Partnerships

Bring in more qualified partnerships by showcasing an online marketing portal that houses big-brand collateral, ads, emails and digital assets that couldn’t be duplicated without a large expense.


Safeguard Brand Integrity

By giving users the ability to customize dynamic assets with 1 to 1 marketing personalization, your brand’s core messaging will never be lost in translation.


Foster Collaborative Growth

Establish an open-minded and collaborative work environment by allowing your sales teams to engage in friendly competitions, ask questions or share ideas that are working in the field.

Give associates, business development reps and everyone else in your organization easy access to a web-based platform that houses compliant messaging unique to everyone’s audience. Unify your brand and enhance your overall customer experience.

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See how MarcomCentral has helped Retail and Franchise owners stay connected to their entire organization:

Long John Silver's logo

Long John Silver’s Case Study

In addition to needing a site that housed marketing materials, Long John Silver’s needed a place that could accommodate all other departments as well (Operations, Finance, Food Innovation, HR). MarcomCentral was the only solution able to incorporate all of this to create a customized ‘one-stop-shop’ for all franchise needs.

Local Store Marketing Webinar

Utilizing a local store marketing platform like MarcomCentral is an easy way to keep your communication on-brand and relevant to a company’s core messaging. Managed by corporate marketing, this platform allows local stores, branches, sales and field teams, and other authorized users real-time access to everything from direct mailers and physical promotional items, to flyers and seasonal signage.

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