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Toro Case Study

Toro Gets The Word Out, Exactly The Way They Want

The challenge

Toro is dedicated to helping customers beautify and preserve outdoor environments. To reach those customers, Toro partners with hundreds of distributor partners around the world. But more often than not, the Toro brand and important product information wasn’t getting through the way the company intended.Distributors were stuck in the rut of an outdated communications management system that prevented Toro from sharing the latest information and benefits about their high-performing products with these valued partners. Distributors went rogue, creating their own one-off marketing pieces that were hardly a reflection of Toro’s commitment to innovation and professionalism. So, the corporate marketing team shelved their legacy systems. The hunt was on for a new solution which made it crystal clear that Toro was still a leader to be reckoned with. Presented within strict brand guidelines, the platform had to offer a more transparent, up-to-date view of the products to distributors at the heart of their co-branded marketing – and be simple enough for even a novice marketer to use.

Why they chose MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral gives Toro distributors the power to create informative and engaging marketing pieces that are also 100% on-target with corporate marketing’s latest compliance, product and brand messaging. Co-branded pieces had been a huge burden for Toro’s marketing team, but now MarcomCentral gives distributors a self-service functionality to get what they need, exactly the way they want it. They simply log onto their MarcomCentral portal, choose a template, and add their own special, regional or needs-based touches to enhance engagement at any local level. The intelligent system ensures every campaign is professional, while also showing customers that they take their business seriously.

The results speak for themselves

The response from franchisees has been amazing. They rave about their streamlined access to all the latest promotional creative and fulfillment options within their local areas and the removal of “roadblocks” to get those items. They can also customize pieces based on local events and respond immediately to local market conditions.
Distributors who never had the time to do marketing of any kind now produce complete campaigns (flyers, banner ads, emails and more) in a matter of minutes. One domestic distributor hadn’t done any marketing at all, because they simply didn’t have the know-how or even the time to think about it. Using MarcomCentral, they created their first complete campaign with 15 different localized marketing pieces in just 10 minutes.
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The Results:
  Full deployment: < 6 months
  Positive ROI achieved within first 3 months
  Reduced creative workloads by 15%
  85% participation
  36 downloadable assets
  36 customizable templates
  Cut production time from hours to minutes
  70 users never marketing in their areas before (until now!)