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Recorded Webinar – MarcomCentral & RingLead

Speakers: Forrest Leighton, VP of Marketing, MarcomCentral and John Kosturos, VP of Enterprise Sales, RingLead

Recorded Webinar: Steps to Perfecting Localized Marketing

Personalization creates engagement, but not if the data is wrong. MarcomCentral and RingLead host a joint webinar to divulge the tactics and solutions needed to perfect your localized marketing. Learn how to give your teams access to branded and customizable marketing assets so they can create the localized marketing pieces they need from anywhere, anytime.

  • Quickly and easily clean your database
  • Segment for adequate targeting
  • Customize content and images on demand
  • Distribute via email, download, or print
  • Analyze and track your results in real time and optimize as needed