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WhatTheyThink Educational Video Series

We collaborated with industry thought leaders from WhatTheyThink to develop an educational video series focusing on the challenges print services providers face in expanding and selling profitable value-add solutions to meet the evolving needs of the modern marketer.

The series addresses key strategies that corporate enterprises are implementing with their sales and marketing efforts. These videos cover topics intended to help printers understand how to capitalize on these trends and start a conversation with their customer – integrating with new technology, offering better analytics and insight, and delivering services beyond just the printed piece.

Cary Sherburne, Senior Editor of WhatTheyThink, and Forrest Leighton, VP of Marketing at MarcomCentral, discuss how MarcomCentral is evolving to adapt to the ever changing needs of marketers while maintaining their high-level of support for print in the modern marketing mix.

Web-to-print has to play nice with other technologies in the marketing supply chain. Salesforce is a dominate player in the CRM and sales enablement space. Jennifer Matt discusses how embedding MarcomCentral into Salesforce might be the best placement possible for full adoption of your web-to-print system.

Jennifer Matt, Section Editor talks to Forrest Leighton, VP of Marketing at MarcomCentral about the on-demand delivery of marketing materials.

Forrest Leighton and Jennifer Matt talk about how marketing has evolved into a measured science. In order to support this evolution, MarcomCentral has integrated with Birst business intelligence and analytics provider so customers can leverage best in class tools to measure their marketing impact.

Terry Teal and Cary Sherburne discuss how to take advantage of these new technologies, start building out new service offerings,  and become a real-world solutions provider to your customers.