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A powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool for streamlined enterprise marketing.

MarcomCentral – A Marketing Resource Center web platform. MarcomCentral provides a robust and comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portal which can be managed by an enterprise marketing group, and serves as a central point of marketing communications and marketing resource management. Resources found within this center can include everything from Human Resources paperwork, brand guidelines and expense worksheets, to competitive analysis, collaboration tools and sales sheets. Many of these resources can be customized based on content rules and logic established by the corporate marketing team. All communications are 100% brand compliant and feature the latest information from the corporate home-office.

People who typically access the materials found within the center include employees, sales teams and branch offices, and potentially distributors and channel partners. The marketing resource center keeps teams across your organization in the know and on-brand at all times. This single global center can also minimize redundant applications, work hours and maintenance. The center can be configured to match the corporate brand and asset structure while user permissions determine access rights, asset customization capabilities, and more.

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    Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Analysts call it…

    Marketing Asset Management
    Channel Marketing Solution
    Marketing Resource Management
    Sales Enablement Technology
    Distributed Marketing Platform

  • Marketers call it…

    Marketing Resource Center
    Localized Marketing Platform
    Global Marketing Intranet
    Content Management System
    Brand Compliance Technology

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