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Distributed marketing for manufacturing

Enable your dealer/distributor network with a brand hub that gives your partners the flexibility to customize product marketing collateral on-demand.

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Manufacturing Integrations

Building brochures that connect with customers

Empower sales representatives and other channels to build custom packages of appliances for homeowners and real estate projects, with key specs of appliance options appearing on a brochure. They can also quickly build a comparison for a single type of appliance to make decision making easy. With MarcomCentral they can manage the specs of all of their appliances and flow them into the brochure based on the selection of a part number or other product name.

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Customer Stories

MarcomCentral is a favorite tool around our organization. Not only does it provide time savings for our Marketing department, but our Independent Dealers love the freedom to create and produce professional looking materials with ease!

Samantha H.

The goal was to provide a better experience for our owner/operators and our graphic designers.

Joshua West, Senior Digital Asset Specialist

I was able to show a baseline and improvement in terms of productivity, efficiency, and the quality of the work. We’re able market Delta Vacations much more quickly using the tool.

Colleen Phelan, Director of Marketing
Delta Vacations

There is a lot of flexibility in how the software can be customized for a user’s needs, and the ability to share assets with access restrictions is a true benefit for our organization.

Paul S.

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