For Field Teams

The Dream for Field Teams

Field teams are distributed across territories, states and even countries. Give them a single place where they can customize, order and receive collateral specific to their territory.

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For Field Teams

The Struggles of Being Out in the Field

Lack of Resources for Your Territory

Many field representatives use generic signage or marketing materials, that may be on brand for the company, but make less of an impact in their local market.

Marketing Requests Take Forever

Have a great opportunity or event and want to get customized resources? As a field representative you’ll need to let marketing know months if not years in advance to hope to get something.

Rogue Design Happens

Sometimes field marketing can’t get the resources they need to be successful on time, so they take it into their own hands. This can lead to off-brand, unauthorized campaigns for your organization.

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For Field Teams

Field Team Resources at Your Fingertips

MarcomCentral is a marketing resource portal. A single place for your field teams to access, customize and distribute collateral tailored to their specific geography, audience, or territory.

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Accessible 24/7

Collateral is available to field teams through a cloud-based portal, just login and access everything.

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A single Location

All marketing collateral in a single place, organized and searchable. Create specific folders and sections for different field teams to find what they need fast.

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In-depth User Controls

With so many field teams, finding the right collateral for the right territory can be overwhelming. Not anymore with Marcom’s deep user controls. Ensure that the right partners see only the things most relevant to them

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Easy On-Brand Customization

Deep customization means that every field rep can create collateral customized for their specific market or territory, direct from the portal, all automatically within brand-guidelines.

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Select. Order. Print.

Pre-approved content can be printed by directly connecting with a print provider. Get physical items without needing to bother another department. Set costs to manage partner orders.

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Built-In Analytics

Our analytics engine can track exactly which collateral field teams are using the most, ensuring that you’re spending your time on the things they actually need.

Hear Success Stories from Our Customers.

Customer Stories

The goal was to provide a better experience for our owner/operators and our graphic designers.

Joshua West, Senior Digital Asset Specialist

I was able to show a baseline and improvement in terms of productivity, efficiency, and the quality of the work. We’re able market Delta Vacations much more quickly using the tool.

Colleen Phelan, Director of Marketing
Delta Vacations

MarcomCentral is a favorite tool around our organization. Not only does it provide time savings for our Marketing department, but our Independent Dealers love the freedom to create and produce professional looking materials with ease!

Samantha H.

We have been delighted with the quality of service and support that we have received from our account manager and from MarcomCentral’s customer service and tech support teams. We hope to continue to work with MarcomCentral for many years to come.

Stephen Lane, President
Imagine 121 Inc.


Supporting Field Teams Across Industries

Healthcare Healthcare


From large hospitals to individual clinics - healthcare brand management made easy.
Hospitality Hospitality


Immediately updated marketing materials for an ever changing industry.
Insurance Insurance


Distribute customizable marketing materials instantly to independent insurance agents worldwide.
Finance Finance


Compliance and easy asset distribution for financial institutions.

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