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Everybody has to start somewhere, but it’s amazing how many great marketing minds are still going strong – and right here.

It all began as one brilliant idea back in 2000. The goal was to create a web-based marketing hub to conquer the communications distribution challenges of marketing operations executives worldwide. We brought in the best of the best – engineers and product developers from top tech companies, marketers from around the world, a sales team that cut their teeth in the Fortune 500, and an experienced executive team to keep all our eyes on the prize.

The hard work paid off. Today, MarcomCentral is a premiere online provider of marketing asset management technology. Our innovative platform is a dream come true for modern marketers, empowering their corporate users (sales teams, partners, distributors, brokers and franchisees) to produce custom marketing pieces from anywhere in the field. The best part is there’s no room for rogue marketing. All pieces are 100% compliant, and can only be customized using pre-approved dynamic choices. There’s even streamlined access to pre-approved vendors to fulfill any orders – from presentations and direct mailers, to promotional goods like t-shirts and event signage.

A key component of the MarcomCentral solution is FusionPro. The FusionPro Variable Data Publishing Suite offers innovative marketing personalization tools to generate dynamic 1-to-1 marketing campaigns across a variety of mediums.

Today, more than 19,000 corporate customers use MarcomCentral solutions to serve over 2 million end users.


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