FusionPro VDP Publishing

High Performance Personalized Document Creation

FusionPro® VDP is the industry leading variable data publishing (VDP) solution for creating personalized customer communication. Our technology brings template design, data file definition, business logic and print stream creation together into one scalable and intuitive platform to produce customer-centric, revenue generating, personalized marketing materials.

FusionPro VDP Creator

Design personalized print templates for variable data publishing (VDP) campaigns.

FusionPro VDP Producer

Compose high volume personalized print output through a plug-and-play workflow.

FusionPro VDP Server

Compose large-scale personalized output through a custom workflow using APIs.

FusionPro Expression

Design and compose personalized images to drive responses for print, email, or web campaigns.

Get Personal

Deliver stronger impact and improve response rates with one-to-one messaging and compelling personalized imagery. Businesses of all sizes can leverage customer data to offer a wide range of highly personalized applications – from customized billing transactions, to tailored brochures and newsletters or targeted direct mail campaigns.

Easy Start-up, User-Friendly Workflow

Built-in templated rules eliminate the need for custom programming for most VDP tasks. An intuitive, easy-to-use GUI makes everything from one-off variable input to highly complex, data-rich document creation possible, empowering you to stay in demand with customer requests and provide more relevant marketing collateral.

Dynamic Design Capabilities

FusionPro integrates with Adobe® InDesign® and Acrobat®, giving you a seamless plug-and-play interface for flexible VDP document creation from almost any design file that can be converted to PDF. The software is easy-to-use and includes an arsenal of intelligent capabilities so that within minutes, your PDF document could be a live 1-to-1 communication.

Fluid Data Integration

From simple to complex or large-scale variable data output, FusionPro’s intuitive functionality can handle the most sophisticated data requirements. Using a simple GUI for data definition, you can easily extract and combine customer data from a variety of file formats as well as import data from multiple sources with our multi-line record support feature.

Smarter Workflow Efficiencies

FusionPro allows you to automate with speed and accuracy, creating everything from engaging personalized communication to data-rich business documents in a faster, smarter and more cost-effective way. Develop efficiency across your operation with features like flexible output options compatible with most print workflows, a variety of imposition options to reduce production time and mailing costs, and hot folder and watch folder support bring customer jobs and data in more fluidly.

Scale with your Business Needs

Three product tiers are available to handle workloads of all sizes and complexities. Our baseline model offers robust features for dynamic VDP design with basic desktop composition for smaller jobs. If you require high-volume output or custom workflows, you can scale up to our VDP solutions that handle heavier lifting. FusionPro can also be customized to include VDP imagery for impactful engagement and PURLs for cross media campaigns.