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Demand Metric

The State & Impact of Content Consistency

For content to have the greatest impact, it must consistently convey your brand and its core messages reliably through all platforms that it appears on. If done correctly, this content can result in positive website traffic and organic traffic as well as a lower bounce rate and overall stronger metrics. To better understand this concept, MarcomCentral partnered with Demand Metric to assess the state of content and content marketing to understand how organizations can fix inconsistencies and fragmentation that negatively impact your sales team, metrics, and overall company revenue.


Busting the 5 Myths About MAM & DAM

What is Marketing Asset Management (MAM)? Is it the same as Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? How does it differ from Project Management? The truth is, the ways in which companies access, customize, and distribute marketing materials and produce a digital marketing report has never been more complex. Uncover the truth behind these marketing technologies and srategy in our eBook.

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