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It all began as one brilliant idea back in 2000. The goal was to create a cloud-based marketing portal to help modern marketers empower their teams with custom marketing pieces. We brought in the best of the best – engineers and product developers from top tech companies, sales and marketing professionals with global experience, and accomplished executives to keep our dreams afloat.

Our hard work paid off. Today, MarcomCentral is a premier online producer of marketing asset management technology. 

201 Lomas Santa Fe
Solana Beach, California



President / Chief Executive Officer
Byung Choi

Byung provides the vision, leadership, strategy, and general management skills necessary to grow and expand MarcomCentral. His dedication to employee development and love for technology inspires our team to work hard every day.

Vice President of Sales
Leonard DiMiceli

As Vice President of Sales, Leonard boasts more than 21 years of experience in technical sales and management. He is responsible for expanding MarcomCentral’s presence and drive continued growth of the business.

Vice President of VDP Technologies
Douglas Cogan

Douglas is responsible for the initial design and development of our award-winning software, FusionPro. He now oversees product enhancements, management, and quality assurance of our entire FusionPro VDP Product Suite.

Vice President of Engineering
Seny Sengupta

Seny manages our software engineering operations by overseeing the architecture, development, testing, and deployment of MarcomCentral. He works closely with our executive team to transform product design and specifications into innovative solutions.

Vice President of Client Services
Kristin Molina

Kristin oversees the client services department at MarcomCentral. Her experience and thoughtful guidance helps our team provide clients with superior customer service from every touchpoint before, during, and after purchasing our product.

Director of Finance
Roger Anderson

Roger is responsible for MarcomCentral’s financial affairs including budget planning, fiscal reporting, and shaping strategy to capture profitable growth. He also oversees the company’s administration, human resources functions, and general operations.

Vice President of Marketing
Matt Wallace

Matt oversees all aspects of MarcomCentral’s brand presence and growth strategies. He brings over 20 years experience leading successful Marketing teams in B2B with a focus on large scale brand awareness and go-to-market strategy.

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