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Aligning Digital Asset Management For Sales And Marketing

June 02, 2021
Aligning Digital Asset Management For Sales And Marketing

Cultivating a brand to promote sales is about consistency and connection. A persistent image for a brand generates increased brand awareness and connection, driving prospective leads through the buyer’s journey. If the assets that you use to showcase your brand aren’t organized or consistent, it can be difficult to create efficient workflows for your organization as a whole. If a salesperson needs a certain piece of collateral to close the sale but can’t find it, they can resort to using outdated collateral or even piece together a marketing asset on the spot in order to fulfill the prospects request. Remember, in sales, time is of the essence.  

Digital asset management (DAM) can streamline the process of sharing and collaborating on assets for your team. By streamlining workflows, and having a single source for your brand, DAM makes it easier to form a coherent message across the complexities of modern marketing.

DAM for Sales and Marketing

Digital asset management makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to organize, access, and deliver marketing assets and materials. DAM effectively enriches, archives, and distributes files from a centralized digital space, simplifying your data infrastructure. These tools reduce time spent searching for the approved logo or branding, the correct resolution of an image, or the most recent mailer.

DAM provides a unified location for an often dispersed workforce as well. Your asset library being accessed from anywhere means sales personnel never have to make a client wait to preview an asset. Remote workers and office personnel can utilize the same assets and information through a DAM, ensuring your team can work together efficiently, even when they’re apart.

Benefits of DAM for the Sales Team

Leveraging asset management for sales teams can give instant access to materials they need to generate sales and correspond with clients. As content creation and brand development usually don’t fall within the purview of your sales team, a centralized DAM saves a massive amount of lost time on back and forth communications as your sales team hunts for the materials clients request.

You want your sales team to capitalize on the opportunities created by your marketing and branding efforts, and disorganization can lose a strong lead. DAM ensures that your sales team has access to organized and complete, accurate versions of assets at all times, ready to be sent to clients who need them.

How Does Digital Asset Management For Sales And Marketing Work

DAM is a marketing asset management solution that effectively indexes all of your important digital assets into one space that can be accessible by all parts of your organization. Your DAM library stores and organizes all shared assets, but the advantages go far beyond the capabilities of a shared drive:

  • Version Control: Content with multiple versions can be housed in one listing in your library so that approved copy automatically displays. This eliminates use of outdated files, but also means that older copy can be readily available for reference. 
  • Notation and Information: Your DAM can store vital information associated with individual assets in one place. Copyright information, user history, and keywords can be tied to assets to fully empower your team to use any asset without wasteful correspondence.
  • AI Searching and Indexing: Beyond just storage, a DAM solution can boost convenience and accessibility for your whole team across multiple platforms and campaigns. Assets can be easily tied to campaigns, clients, or brands to empower the productivity of everyone from content creators to the sales team. 

How DAM Helps You Sell Better, Faster, & Smarter

DAM solutions give your entire team access to a unified toolset. Efforts that are normally spent on filtering through multiple channels and hunting for assets can be spent on fostering a stronger relationship with clients. This streamlines every stage of your process, and higher performance pushes your sales to higher limits.

Organizing assets throughout the entire process of marketing not only makes your marketing efforts more efficient at achieving higher conversion rates, but the higher conversion rates result in more potential sales. While your sales team may not be experts in content generation or marketing, with a marketing asset management solution like DAM, they have all the resources of those experts available to them.

The team-wide organization that DAM provides enables your entire team to deliver the consistent connection that you are after to generate sales. Everyone in your organization benefits from DAM by structuring and sharing marketing assets so that the message and brand you cultivate is constant across all marketing ventures.

DAM empowers your entire team to create more successful connections along the buyer’s journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about how a DAM could help your team or how to get started.