A Comprehensive Channel Marketing Platform

Improve sales enablement with consistent brand messaging

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Showcase and organize marketing materials fast and easy

Businesses need to get their assets to field teams as quickly as possible. This work often requires using different channels of delivery along the way. Users need a flexible tool to let them share information across multiple suppliers.

MarcomPortal is a valuable resource for businesses that want to get the most value out of their marketing platform.

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Dealing with channel partners that lack marketing experience to leverage your brand campaigns?

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Channel partners shouldn’t need to be marketing experts to be a successful part of your partner program. Internal teams should have adequate systems to support retailers and distributors.

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A channel marketing platform can help sales agents and local partners distribute brand campaigns built by your corporate marketing department. Win the digital battle by allowing independent dealers to leverage marketing co-op funds and resources better with the right solution.

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Partner Program Support is Critical

Partner programs can be a hassle if launched without much planning and preparation. Without the right support, the performance can take a hit, and scaling becomes much harder down the road. Partner programs require proper investment in the form of funding, time management, and strategic planning. Otherwise, they’ll never get off the ground.

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Attract the Best Partners

Attracting partners has become more challenging than ever. Partners are bombarded with various programs that claim to be a great fit for their customers, and no one wants to waste time on a partnership that doesn’t pan out. A complete channel marketing solution that provides a brand portal and a back-end analytic engine can significantly uplift a recently launched partner program and demonstrate your commitment to their success. If you want to scale and discover long-term success, you’ll need to dedicate resources to your partner programs.

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Trusted by companies worldwide.

Customer Stories

MarcomCentral is a favorite tool around our organization. Not only does it provide time savings for our Marketing department, but our Independent Dealers love the freedom to create and produce professional looking materials with ease!

Samantha H.

I was able to show a baseline and improvement in terms of productivity, efficiency, and the quality of the work. We’re able market Delta Vacations much more quickly using the tool.

Colleen Phelan, Director of Marketing
Delta Vacations

What is the value of MarcomPortal as a channel marketing platform?

MarcomPortal has improved business for clients in a diverse range of industries. Organizations that want to cut through the noise and reach their target audience can use MarcomPortal to manage their marketing strategies.

Having access to a distributed omni-channel marketing platform gives you the freedom to get your brand up and running. Every business is unique. With MarcomPortal, brands can showcase what sets them apart while reaching a global audience.

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It’s easy to use

It can be a struggle to come up with fresh content for marketing strategies. This struggle makes it harder to deliver core messaging over time. Having a tool that’s easy to use means that employees can get right to work improving their campaigns.

MarcomPortal allows users to share the right information with the right partners in real-time. For example, user groups are a core feature that admins can use to organize individual credentials and control what users — both internal and external — can and can’t see. Admins can customize groups by department, team, or any other criteria they wish. This collaboration results in faster market asset delivery and better brand consistency. Integrations with existing tools let workers keep the solutions that work for them while replacing outdated practices with modern solutions.

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It has great support features

Even the most experienced employees can lack the skills to successfully leverage all available market resources. This leads to inefficiencies that reduce the potential for growth and waste valuable assets.

With MarcomPortal, companies can leverage assets, partners, and knowledge to streamline their product messaging. MarcomCentral’s customer support team is available to help organizations learn how progressive channel marketing platforms can help with building a better brand. MarcomCentral breaks down the basics and lays out the foundation with this comprehensive getting started guide.

MarcomPortal allows users to handle incoming creative requests and large numbers of one-off marketing requests. This setup means building better relationships with franchises, enabling partners, and collaborating on content across the entire organization.

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It’s future-ready

Businesses must constantly consider ongoing market pressures and other events that may cause disruptions to their bottom lines. It’s no different for digital transformation. As technologies continue to evolve, businesses need to be able to adapt so that they aren’t left behind by their competition.

MarcomPortal’s brand management software offers insight into coming changes and best practices for improving brand resilience. This assistance gives users an up-to-date tool for performing digital analytics and managing their brand assets.

MarcomCentral allows decision-makers to track marketing projects and see which are performing the best to stay on top of their performance.

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Should you be skeptical?

With the promise of simplified marketing software that offers excellent support and innovative features, it’s hard not to be skeptical. While MarcomPortal isn’t a magic solution that will transform your business overnight, it will give you a valuable tool for effectively marketing your products to your target audience.

Having the right omni-channel marketing platform is essential for success in modern business. MarcomPortal eliminates the need for large-scale marketing investments and allows you to focus your time and energy where it matters most.

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We take your hand and lead you during the implementation process

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Marcom has worked with organizations of all sizes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Channel Marketing Program?

A channel marketing program is a system or method employed to reach new or existing customers with sales offers, messaging, or other important communications. Channel marketing allows businesses to maximize their return on investment while reducing overhead.

A channel marketing program is an effective way to grow and scale your business if done effectively, especially for IT, retail, and software companies. Businesses in these industries can use referral, affiliate, and partner programs to greatly enhance the customer experience.

What Is a Cross-Channel Marketing Platform?

A cross-channel marketing platform is a way to increase the number of points of contact for reaching out to customers. By leveraging cross-channel marketing, businesses can take an interconnected approach to sales.

Cross-channel marketing lets you combine existing resources and use them to target specific consumers.


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