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Creative Workflow Management in 2022

July 25, 2022
Creative Workflow Management in 2022

Identifying, coordinating, and allocating tasks is an essential part of doing business. Organizational leaders who want to optimize their output and eradicate repetitive actions need ready-made tools to eliminate errors and reach the desired outcome.

With the right creative workflow management systems in place, decision-makers are equipped to direct the course of their organization’s needs no matter what the situation. Creative teams can deploy workflow management to assist in refining their ideas.

What Is Creative Workflow Management?

Typical workflows involve carefully outlined processes that make it easy for employees to complete their tasks. In creative projects, however, teams operate more on their intuition. This approach means that there may not be a specific framework available for tracking workflows.

Creative workflow management uses workflow management practices specifically for creative teams. This model allows leaders to better allocate resources where needed, giving creative teams the necessary resources to generate unique ideas and build compelling brands.

What Does a Typical Creative Workflow Process Look Like?

The creative workflow process is important for supporting teams in completing their assigned tasks. This support means providing resources for planning projects, allocating work, sharing ideas and resources, and finalizing decisions.

Create Project Plans

When building creative workflow solutions, stating long-term goals and desired outcomes is the first step. A good project plan means that team members won’t have to guess when they’re considering whether their actions and decisions are directed towards their creative endeavors.

Determine Roles and Responsibilities

With multi-member teams, it’s not always clear who should be assigned which tasks. The creative workflow process should involve determining who does what. This determination ensures the creative process stays on track.

Set Up Communication Channels

If individual team members are unable to share ideas, then there’s no point in creative planning. A part of creative workflow management is ensuring the right communication channels are set up. With open communication channels, creative team members will be able to collaborate quickly and effectively. 

Creation and Sharing of Assets and Files

Creative projects often require both digital and real-world resources. Planning and completing creative projects involves creating and sharing assets and files. Within a typical creative workflow process, individuals have access to a centralized hub for creating, sharing, and distributing important project materials.

Approval and Revisions Process

One of the most critical steps in creative workflows is the acceptance or rejection of the final product by management. This approval and revision process should be both quick and comprehensive. The typical creative workflow process will give managers and decision-makers oversight throughout the creative project.

Improve Your Creative Workflow Management

Creative workflow management involves a variety of steps. By understanding each part of the creative process, workflow managers can control revisions and usage statistics without missing deadlines.

With the right tools and software, organizational methods, and planning schedules, businesses can ensure their creative endeavors succeed.

Creative Workflow Management Software and Tools

There are a variety of resources that make creative workflow management simple and effective for businesses. By simplifying creative work, they give team members the needed assistance to allow them to effectively complete their projects.

Create Visual Workflows

When teams don’t understand workflows, it makes completing projects difficult. Visual workflows make it easy for anybody to see how specific guidelines should be implemented. This setup empowers individuals to complete their tasks on time and with less waste.

Set Up Meeting Cadences

Daily, weekly, and monthly meetings give managers and team members a chance to get on the same page. Creative workflow solutions should involve a constant meeting cadence to ensure important points aren’t missed.

Test and Learn 

It’s nearly impossible for creative teams to get everything right on the first try. This risk means it’s important to test different workflows and measure completion times. By comparing results over multiple projects, teams gauge how they can improve over the long run.

Improve Cross-Departmental Communication 

Teams across multiple departments sometimes have a hard time collaborating. This difficulty means it’s up to the manager to improve communication. Disruption and conflict will happen in creative collaboration, so it’s important to be patient.

Biggest Benefit of Having a Creative Workflow Management Framework

Creative workflow solutions have become a core part of designing and implementing creative projects across teams. 

creative workflow management
The biggest benefit of a creative workflow management framework is having a way for team members to channel their creativity towards a common goal. This coordination is essential for generating new ideas and building unique projects.

Manage Your Creative Workflows with MarcomCentral

Are you looking to create a better brand experience for your clients? Creative projects are a great way to set your company apart from the competition. However, creative workflow management requires specialized tools and resources that allow teams to collaborate and share ideas with less effort. 

With MarcomCentral’s marketing asset management solutions, you can boost efficiency and productivity by eliminating one-off marketing requests. With MarcomPortal’s customizable templates, you can reduce the one-off requests to your design team and empower team members to take ownership. 

Integrating a creative workflow with a marketing asset management platform allow teams to better allocate time where most needed, provide teams with the necessary resources,  share assets in real-time, and help employees work better together. Your teams will have everything they need to complete their assigned tasks on time.

At MarcomCentral, we understand that digital asset management makes or breaks projects. Our digital asset management solutions were designed for creatives who want to produce the most effective projects. Store key files, organize workflows and manage individual team members with ease. 

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