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Digital Asset Management Software for Small Business

August 17, 2021
Digital Asset Management Software for Small Business

To improve agility, small business owners have moved a great deal of information online. However, as it is with physical filing systems, poorly organized documents can lead to misplaced files. A digital asset management system features much better organizational tools and highly customizable user access features.

How Digital Asset Management Helps Small Business Owners

DAM software helps organizations of all sizes keep track of their online assets. It also provides some unique benefits for small businesses.

Virtual Expansion

In a small business, employees have to wear multiple hats and sometimes need flexibility to add freelance resources for large projects. With the use of a DAM software, these businesses can bring on collaborators from any location to help make sure projects stay on track. A DAM solution lets the manager give the freelancers a central location to store files, ensuring that the most recent version is always known, and no files get lost in the clutter.


Agility is a great benefit of being small, but that agility requires the right tools to make the right pivots at the right time. DAM software can make it easier to work remotely, serve international markets and scale operations up and down. All of these are key to remaining agile.


Small businesses often start off making use of free or cheap tools to maintain lean operations. As the business expands, workers might become so accustomed to these tools that they feel no immediate need to upgrade. However, Forbes estimates that workers waste 32 days per year switching between apps. DAM business software gives organizations a central location for their workflows, so there’s no need to search through your email, cloud drive, and project management software to find the file you need.


Small business owners often enjoy a false sense of security that their information is less targeted than larger competitors. However, Bentley University and several other sources confirm that hackers now often target small business owners. DAM business software includes cybersecurity features to help small businesses better protect their data.

What Kinds of Small Businesses Benefit Most From DAM

Every business has valuable information and needs a secure place to store it. This could include confidential information when processing consumer payments or log-in credentials for the company website. Even so, some businesses might benefit more than others.


Whether they design logos, write articles or consult on HR compliance, freelancers manage many documents across multiple clients. DAM makes it easier to keep track of these files without cluttering items across companies.


Marketers provide B2B services that generate documents across a range of clients. These documents could include video footage, photos, music clips, vector files, marketing brochures, or even eBooks. With a DAM software, marketers can easily organize these documents and information for their clients, company, or teams – making assets and projects much more manageable.


Professionals who file taxes and manage the financial records of organizations have a lot of valuable, confidential data on hand. From receipts to tax returns, DAM can help them store, organize, and protect a lot of information.

Health Care

Health care businesses also generate and store a lot of confidential information. These businesses operate under strict HIPPA guidelines. DAM facilitates organization and compliance with state and federal laws.


Startups in any industry need to organize many files in the beginning. Starting on the right foot with DAM software can reduce the risk of creating future problems regarding organization and compliance.

How To Choose a Digital Asset Management System for a Small Business

When it comes to digital asset management for small businesses, there are a wealth of options to choose from. So, how do you determine which one is the right solution for your business?

Organization Issue

Before seeking a DAM solution, it’s essential to take a closer look at the problems your business is currently facing. Some software is more fine-tuned to solve certain issues over others, based on the specs. Rank the potential problems in the order of importance so you know what to prioritize. For example, if you are looking to ramp up a partner program, having a location to easily share updated partnership collateral and keep them organized by type of partner may be the top ranking features. While a feature that allows you to trim videos inside the DAM may be ranked lower.

Cost of Ownership

For most small businesses, the cost will be the biggest determining factor when evaluating value. It’s important to pick a DAM that has the base features that you are looking for- especially at a lower price point. The benefits of investing in a DAM early on is that it grows with your business. Therefore, the added value of a DAM becomes more essential as the business expands in new hires, processes, and assets.


Will your DAM software need to work at a specific physical location or in the cloud? Cloud deployment is generally the preferred option to keep up with modern-day consumer needs and future expansion.

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