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Provide your marketing and design teams with the next-level digital asset management solution to organize, store, retrieve and share digital content in a central visual platform.

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Marcom’s solution helps us to ensure that our wide array of users and teams have collateral ready to use at their fingertips that meets their needs. We are saving hours of creative design and fulfillment time by using this tool

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Senior Director, Marketing

Revolutionize The Way Your Team Works

Marcom’s DAM solution is built to make your marketing and creative workflow more efficient. Get all of your assets uploaded, organized and shared easily.

Upload Instantaneously

Marcom’s Digital Asset Management solution gives you options to get all of your files imported quickly, with key integrations and onboarding consultations. Whether you want to start fresh or bring all of your sales collateral since 2010, get up and running in no time.


Stay Organized

Digital Asset management isn’t just uploading files, its keeping things organized. Marcom’s DAM solution helps by offering A.I. tagging, groups, metadata editing, custom fields and much more. Ensure that your DAM is built to last.


The file you need when you need it

With the addition of metadata and collections you can find the right file for your project with a simple search. Keep your most used files in your favorites and keep everything organized with collections. Need to make small adjustments like swapping filetype or file size? No problem, download these new iterations directly from our DAM software.


Distribute Effortlessly

Get your files where they need to be. Create logins for your entire team or organization, and they will only be able to see the files you want them to see. Share single files via download links, or multiple files with lightboxes. Want to make sure your files don’t get lost? No problem – set an expiration on the link.


Creative Input for All

Create templates for flyers, business cards, datasheets and more, then with the power of digital asset management, let each individual salesperson, franchise, or satellite location customize with their own personalized content at scale. Target specific markets with a single piece of content to streamline your creative workflow.


Know What’s Working

Tracking what creative asset is working best for your sales team, franchisees or local offices can be difficult. A true digital asset management solution has analytics on which assets are being used the most, how they are being customized and more, so you can make more informed decisions on your next project.


I’ve loved working with everyone at MarcomCentral… The team is very helpful and quick to provide support… I love what we’ve turned the platform into and consistently receive positive feedback from our field users.

Digital Asset
Management Upgraded

MarcomCentral combines the best features of modern digital asset management software with 20 years of experience in the space. Our software isn’t just one of the easiest to use on the market, but we offer unlimited support and best practices on keeping your DAM organized.

Flexibility is our Middle Name

Our Digital Asset Management solution scales to work for any size team or business. From enterprise level organizations to a few members of a marketing team, our solution can grow with you.

Built for Simplicity

No one wants to fight with their software to get their work done. We built our Digital Asset Management solution to be simply powerful and let you get the job done.

Super Support

Our support team has seen it all, and will be with you every step of the way to make sure your assets get organized and stay organized

Leverage our Experience

With 20+ years in the Digital Asset Management space, Marcom is a trusted name for all size organizations.

Digital Asset Management 101

Digital asset management is the process of organizing digital assets in an organization. Businesses do this a variety of ways; some use specific naming conventions for assets with a combination of shared drives and spreadsheets to keep track of everything. Others use a platform specific to Digital Asset Management. This software has specific features that help marketers and creatives keep all their digital assets organized.

Larger organizations have specialized Digital Asset Managers that lead the charge in ensuring that all digital assets are properly categorized and archived. This way everyone in the organization who needs these assets can get them quickly.

Why Digital Asset Management over other solutions?

Where other solutions may store files and assets: Digital Asset Management is a new way of thinking about how your organization uses these assets. It asks you to be more deliberate when you upload files, pausing to check on the metadata for each file, and ensuring that you are being thoughtful on where each of these assets should go.

Digital Asset Management makes these assets easier to distribute, easier to find, and easier to organize. Create specific asset collections for different geographic locations, different departments to access or for franchises.

How do you get started with Digital Asset Management?

We’ve got a great article on the subject of getting started. But to quickly summarize, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Audit what you have, your current assets and files:
  • Create a file structure for what you have
  • Upload your files and add your metadata which should be informed by your file structure
  • Set a cadence to re-evaluate

Which Industries use Digital Asset Management?

In short: pretty much every industry can use a well-organized digital asset management system. We’ve broken down many of them below.

Higher Education

Engage students and teachers with on or off-campus access to files. Drive funding and recruitment efforts with cross-campus collaboration. 

Real Estate & Construction

Share and distribute property photos, virtual tours, and content templates with agents across the organization.


Search by product ID, SKU, and more to give distributors and retailers the most accurate and up-to-date information about products.


Stand out as the best partner by providing clients with easier access to projects and streamlined communication.


Centralize content, brand assets, and templates for all departments and digital channels to establish a foothold in the competitive tech industry.

Retail & eCommerce

Manage and distribute in-store signage and other brand materials or eCommerce content.  


Organize libraries of content and campaign materials for remote teams and volunteers. 


Share up-to-date information and images with tourism partners, agencies, and hotel or resort chains across geographical boundaries


Maintain consistent branding with instant access to marketing collateral. Share pre-approved promotions, templates, and other assets between franchisees. 

Local Government

Keep digital files secure and prevent unauthorized users from accessing important government documents.

Get Organized and Get Going

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