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Ecommerce + Digital Asset Management: How Retailers Succeed Online with DAM

May 28, 2021
Ecommerce + Digital Asset Management: How Retailers Succeed Online with DAM

Are you a marketer in retail wondering how a Digital Asset Management solution can help simplify eCommerce? Digital asset management makes retail marketing easier while keeping your brand unified across the digital space.  

Why Do Retailers Need to Consider a DAM Solution?

As a retailer, growing your online presence may appear straightforward, especially for a smaller eCommerce store. However, as your brand grows and inventory expands, managing inventory collateral assets can quickly become convoluted and messy. Internal organization is key to having your store operating efficiently and keeping all outlets running smoothly. 

With a digital asset management solution, streamline your retail business’ product management, including workflows and digital assets. Let’s delve into how a retail business can benefit from a DAM solution. 

  • Conveniently Access Images and Videos: Retailers often find a hurdle in organizing and managing their content across different outlets and throughout their eCommerce business. As managers and owners start working with other teams, product manufacturers, or freelancers, traditional file systems may become disorganized. A DAM solution conveniently provides access and keeps track of who uses images and when.
  • Bulk Updates: Effectively manage outdated images, content, or logos by making a single update to all relevant assets. Add product images and variants to be sent out to the marketing team to publish on the site and update promotional materials. This ensures brand consistency across all locations.
  • Content Creation: For every eCommerce business, ensuring that content is consistent across every marketing channel (social, email, website, etc.) is crucial to the customer experience. When a customer views a product on social media, ensure they see the same image and content on the product page of the website. With DAM, these assets can be easily tagged, sorted, and managed, so all collateral stays consistent. 
  • Manage Unique Files: Ecommerce stores are switching to virtual reality, 4K videos, and 3D illustrations to showcase product features. These new marketing creatives mean more moving parts. A DAM solution organizes all marketing and product assets in a way that works for your business. 
  • Ensure Brand Uniformity : By having a dedicated DAM solution, retailers are able to maintain brand image and voice across all platforms like social media, blogs, and advertising. This ensures that customers can easily identify with your brand name whether it’s online or offline.

Digital Asset Management for Retail

The all-in-one digital asset management tool helps retailers maintain brand consistency and easily manage digital assets including product images, videos, and logos.The best part is, these assets can be accessed any time with ease and repurposed for any use.

As mentioned above, digital asset management for retail comes in handy for streamlining workflow, upholding brand image, and accelerating marketing efforts.

For example, a home office could decide to run a promotion for 50% off certain products online and in stores in a particular location. With a DAM system, they can make the change and upload it to a single location. From there managers of different departments can use that single file to promote the sale across multiple channels, without going back and forth to get approval, or different file types or sizes. Home office can also set an expiration date on the shared file, so no customers or departments are seeing old promos. 

DAM Can Help Grow an Ecommerce Strategy

Selling online requires an effective eCommerce strategy. One sure way of marketing product features and benefits in eCommerce is through eye catching visuals.

Multiple product shots were the de-facto norm for eCommerce for many years, but lately that has changed. Consumers are looking for more ways to connect to the products that they are buying, they want to know:

  • how big is it?
  • how it may fit into a room?
  • or what it looks like actually working?

 Retailers are beginning to change with some amazing new technology: 4k videos, VR, 3D illustrations, Virtual tours and much more. This gives customers more confidence to buy and is becoming a requirement to any eCommerce retailer. 

Digital asset management for retail helps eCommerce retailers to switch to these key technologies. By using DAM, eCommerce stores can manage and optimize assets to boost sales across all locations, especially because many of these new technologies require more resources than a simple image. 

By using DAM you can store all of the files that make up that upcoming product video, letting freelancers or creatives upload assets as they finalize them, create folders that contain approved videos for each department, and share them out with ease. This streamlines your workflow and keeps amazing content going out to your dedicated audience.

DAM Can Assist in Managing Multiple Retail Brands

Maintaining and managing multiple retail brands is no easy feat. Switching to DAM not only streamlines workflow and management but also helps with maintaining brands’ image. With so many inventories to handle, campaigns to run, content to create, and teams to manage, it can be overwhelming. Using a DAM ensures a streamlined workflow and management among teammates,allowing your company to grow across multiple retail brands while providing a consistent brand image. 

How to Succeed in Online Retail Using DAM

To succeed in online retail using DAM, you need a reliable digital asset management tool that will influence your retail eCommerce bottom line. A dedicated DAM solution brings all teammates and digital collateral into one, easy-to-use digital asset management platform. The advantages of a DAM include: 

  • Unlimited users: Add as many users as your eCommerce business needs. This is helpful if you have large teams of content creators and partners.
  • Customize meta-data tagging: Add tags or use keywords for ease of asset access. The good news is that you can do it manually or with the help of our AI if you have a massive inventory of assets.
  • Share files with ease: Easily share multiple assets and images with team members no matter where they are.
  • Analytics: Understand how users are engaging with your content and track sales.
  • Advanced Search: Make assets easy to find among teammates and managers with dedicated search functionality.

Centralizing your retail brand with a dedicated DAM solution ensures consistency between all your stores. Ecommerce is more competitive than ever, and in order to stand out your customer experience needs to be amazing. Let digital asset management be the solution that simplifies your eCommerce store, helps boost that customer experience, and unifies your assets across the digital space. 

A DAM brings all of your digital collateral together in a searchable, organized solution. Getting started and managing your online retail store is easier than ever with a robust DAM solution.