Digital Asset Management for Education

Provide your campuses, departments, and faculty with a brand hub that holds all your approved marketing materials in one place.

A One-stop shop

Empower anyone in your educational institution with a centralized repository that houses up to date forms, admissions materials, handbooks, handouts, and more.

Put Money Back in your Budget by Using a DAM

When all your brand collateral is in MarcomCentral, users find what they need without having to search shared drives endlessly. See which assets are being used the most with analytics reports, so you can be sure to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

Protect Sensitive Information

Feel at ease knowing all your documents are brand compliant and private by setting up user groups, permissions, and access rights, providing the right level of access to only those who need it.

Helping Education Move Forward

One Stop Shop

for all your educational services

Market Faster

using pre-approved templates

Control Print Costs

by connecting vendors to the brand hub

Empower Departments

with 24/7 access to assets

Find Forms Quickly

with advanced search and metadata

Ensure Compliance

with built-in approval workflows


Ready to get started?

Interested to see how MarcomCentral can help your educational institution grow? Talk to one of our experts and we’ll show you how.