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Enterprise Insurance Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Network

July 13, 2023
Enterprise Insurance Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Network

In some ways, insurance companies have some of the most widely recognized mascots in the nation. But when you need help from your insurance provider, you don’t turn to “Flo” or a talking Gecko — you contact your neighborhood insurance agent.

Enterprise insurance marketing strategies, therefore, hinge on a company’s ability to empower a team of local agents.

This guide will introduce you to the basics of insurance company marketing and help you connect with a wider network of potential customers.

Insurance Company vs. Insurance Agency: How It Matters to Your Marketing

What’s the difference between doing marketing for a large insurance company and an agency?

An enterprise insurance company is a company that sells and underwrites an insurance policy to its clients. Also known as an “insurance carrier,” these companies tend to be large, often national corporations that offer multiple types of insurance (home, auto, life insurance, etc.).

An insurance agent, on the other hand, is a local insurance business that’s authorized to sell policies on behalf of the insurance company. Some agents are independent, meaning they carry policies from multiple insurance carriers. Others are exclusive, meaning they only sell one company’s products.

Enterprise insurance marketing strategies involve promoting brand awareness for the parent company while empowering local insurance agents to represent the brand in their local communities. As such, your marketing efforts will reflect the needs and habits of your local target market.

Enterprise Insurance Marketing Strategies

Enterprise insurance carriers don’t just focus on attracting new customers. They also have to learn how to attract insurance agents who will represent their brand in their local communities.

A solid marketing plan can help your company stand out in an increasingly crowded industry. Here are some proven strategies for building a network of insurance agents who can confidently promote your products.

Creative Collaboration

Insurance agents might consider collaboration with other business owners. For example, some agents might build a referral network by partnering with financial advisors. An insurance agency can recommend the services of a financial planner, while the planner might provide insurance leads looking for life insurance or long-term care insurance products.

Brand Consistency

If you want to learn how to attract insurance agents to your product, you’ll first need to build brand awareness.

What is it that makes the enterprise company stand out in the insurance industry? How does this company uniquely meet customer needs? More than two-thirds of companies report that by answering these questions clearly and consistently, they see revenue growth of 10% or more.

Incentives to Sell

Sometimes, it helps to dangle a carrot. By rewarding high-performing agents, you offer a financial incentive to attract other insurance agents in the area. This allows an enterprise insurance carrier to expand its network while capitalizing on each agent’s local knowledge and connections.

Corporate Training Sessions

The best insurance companies invest in their agents. By providing clear training and educational opportunities, local agents will be better equipped to reach your core customer base and become more confident in their knowledge of your company’s product offerings.

Aligned Messaging and Promotional Materials

Building your brand also means maintaining a consistent voice across all marketing channels and promotional materials. That way, customers and agents alike will learn to identify with your brand voice and know what to expect from the insurance provider.

Localized Promotions

While nationwide campaigns can help you build your brand with a mass audience, some of the best ways to secure new clients is by staying local.

Insurance companies can develop marketing plans that speak to the concerns of each localized market. This also allows local agents to feel more connected to the company, and it can incentivize them to promote their services to their local neighbors and clients.

Insurance Company Marketing Tools

What kind of marketing tools are most beneficial to insurance companies? The following methods have been effective for lead generation and can be further tailored to reach new clients on the local level.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of using high-quality articles, videos, and tutorials to educate consumers about your products. For example, some insurance agencies might seek to educate potential clients about the benefits of life insurance or other insurance products.

The best content will be clear and direct and provide a clear call-to-action that helps agents capture potential leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your content is only valuable if people discover it. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to using keywords to increase your visibility on search engine results pages.

The trick is to use keywords clients are likely to search for. If a client searches for “car insurance near me,” you’ll want to ensure that your content contains some variation of that keyword. Local agents should likewise make sure to use the name of their city and state to reach their target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Want to reach people where they are? Take to social media. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow businesses to create pages for free, then promote content that organically reaches followers through likes and shares. Businesses can also “boost” certain posts, paying an additional fee to promote content to a wider audience.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a variety of web-based marketing practices, such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Search engines will display these ads on their search engine results pages. As the name suggests, you’ll only pay when customers click and follow the link.

Client Testimonials

Some of your best marketing content won’t come from you at all but from your satisfied customer base. A staggering 95% of customers read online reviews to gain insight into their customer experience. Publishing online reviews on your website or social media page can give both consumers and agents an idea of what to expect from your brand.

Harnessing Analytics

The best marketing teams rely on data to evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns. Services like Google Analytics can help you measure conversion rates and other important website data. Email marketing services can help you evaluate open rates and other core metrics so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Empowering Your Network

Let Marcom empower your network. We provide cutting-edge marketing solutions that can help you gather new leads and nurture stronger relationships with local customers.

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