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How many users are included in my free trial?

As many as you’d like! Our free trial includes unlimited users.

How many assets can I upload during my free trial period?

As many files as fit within the standard-tier, 250GB limit.

How is MarcomGather different than a shared drive?

MarcomGather is a visual library where you can see your assets in organized Collections instead of in layered file systems. MarcomGather also has metadata tagging and advanced search so you can find a file in seconds. Shared drives have limited searchability.

What types of files does MarcomGather support?

Most commonly used file types are supported. All tech specs for MarcomGather can be found here.

How much does MarcomGather cost?

$689/month or $7500/year, billed whichever way is best for you.

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MarcomGather is the digital asset management platform that allows you to centralize, organize, and share your digital assets across your organization. Say goodbye to wasting time tracking down digital files. With MarcomGather, you can find and share your files instantly.

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Save time by uploading and tagging many files at once.

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