Product Features & Capabilities

Digital Asset Management

Simplify management of your marketing assets through an organized, cloud-based marketing portal. Both internal and external users can get an asset they need, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Centralize Content

Finally retire messy shared servers and place all your marketing files in one, central location with plenty of storage.

Find an Asset in Seconds

Through the powerful search function, use keywords, metadata, or SKUs to find the marketing content you need within seconds versus hours.

Marketing Asset Management

Go beyond simply storing your marketing assets by using dynamic templates that allow field teams to edit pre-approved content- significantly reducing one-off requests.

Customize Marketing

Personalize marketing collateral easily with dynamic templates. Users can edit fields in real-time and download or print instantly.

Brand Management

Effectively manage outdated images, trademarks, logos or disclaimers by making a single, universal update to all relevant assets.

Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team with 24/7 access to brand compliant marketing that can be distributed and tracked directly from Salesforce.

On Demand Marketing

Access dynamic playbooks, onboarding kits, contracting paperwork, and PowerPoint presentations that can be customized instantly.

Integrate with Salesforce

Connect your Salesforce account to MarcomCentral and have all the data you need to close business within one platform.



Personalize Local Marketing

by editing messaging on the fly

Enforce Brand Guidelines

by eliminating off-brand materials

Automate Marketing Processes

and reduce one-off requests

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

with business intelligence and reporting

Empower Sales Teams

with 24/7 access to marketing content

Ensure Brand Compliance

by retiring expired or off-brand content

What Clients Say

MarcomCentral is a favorite tool around our organization. Not only does it provide time savings for our Marketing department, but our Independent Dealers love the freedom to create and produce professional looking materials with ease!