Digital Asset Management

Store internal media files and finished marketing assets in the same, accessible location. With user permissions, you can control who has access to what materials so everyone has an organized place to find what’s relevant to them.

Share Files Securely

Files you need to share with colleagues or external partners can be accessed securely.

Supported File Formats

Store common image, video, and document file formats in a single location.

Search Easily

Use keywords, metadata, or SKUs to return results of all related files.

Organize Media

Group related files so both internal and external users can find assets easily.

Built-in for Your Benefit

Social Media Capabilities

Post brand compliant social messages directly to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Corporate marketing can post on behalf of a user who opts-in or allow the user to customize the message and post on their own.

Business Intelligence

Create custom reports and track trends through MarcomCentral’s business intelligence feature. Find out what assets are being used, who’s using them and where can eliminate low performers.

More Features

Auto-Tag with AI

Using Artificial Intelligence, admins can auto-generate metadata from all of your images, as well as supplement or edit the results easily.

Multiple Language Support

MarcomCentral allows you to customize your portal in over 30 languages in order to support all the countries in which you do business.

Custom Portal Branding

We’ll provide a custom designed portal to match your corporate identity so when users log in they’ll have a seamless brand experience.

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