Marketing Asset Management Solution

Marketing assets stored in your cloud-based portal can be customized and distributed directly by field teams from anywhere in the world. With pre-approved templates, marketing can ensure assets always remain 100% brand compliant.

Edit Assets

Using dynamic templates, quickly edit fields of text to create a custom asset without sending a request to marketing.

Universal Updates

Enforce brand guidelines by effectively manage outdated images, trademarks, logos or disclaimers by making a single update to all relevant assets.

Ad Resizing

Easily format files (JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG, PDF) and quickly resize ads with MarcomCentral’s advanced editing.

Distribution Options

With multi-format output users can instantly access many file types and download, email, print, or post to social media channels.

Built-in for Your Benefit

Social Media Capabilities

Post brand compliant social messages directly to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Corporate marketing can post on behalf of a user who opts-in or allow the user to customize the message and post on their own.

Business Intelligence

Create custom reports and track trends through MarcomCentral’s business intelligence feature. Find out what assets are being used, who’s using them and where can eliminate low performers.

More Features

Custom Portal Branding

MarcomCentral will provide a custom designed portal to match your corporate identity so when users log in they’ll have a seamless brand experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Create custom reports and track trends with MarcomCentral’s business intelligence. Find out what assets are being used, who’s using them most, and see where you can eliminate low performers.

Favorites and Ratings

Users can “favorite” assets to keep their most useful pieces in one location and add a star rating for others to quickly see what pieces are most popular.

Highly Rated by Real Clients

A marketing collateral management tool ensures your sales reps are using marketing communications content like brochures, print collateral, sell sheets, and sales presentations all within your company’s brand guidelines. Eliminate the headache of discovering distributed marketing content outside of your brand guidelines with our marketing collateral management platform.