Brand Management for Finance all in One Portal.

MarcomPortal provides a centralized content repository designed to enforce Brand and Regulatory compliance while allowing field teams  to customize tightly controlled marketing templates.

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How does MarcomPortal Help?

Disclosure Management

Manage your disclosures across all of your marketing assets and eliminate compliance concerns

Global Reach, Local Message

Give local managers the ability to order collateral customized to their specific audience or event, all while keeping everything on brand.

Remove One-off Interruptions

Any department can log into MarcomPortal, customize, and order the newest pre-approved brand assets. Anytime, any day.

MarcomCentral is a favorite tool around our organization. Not only does it provide time savings for our Marketing department, but our Independent Dealers love the freedom to create and produce professional looking materials with ease!

– Samantha H.


An All-In One Brand Toolbox for Finance

MarcomPortal gives marketers the tools to let each department handle their own collateral needs, while keeping everything on-brand and compliant

Controlled Customization

Give every team the ability to customize collateral, but only with the customizations that are preapproved by marketing.

Know What Works

Get key insights on which types of collateral are being used the most by type of asset, location and more with built in analytics.

One Stop Shop

Marketing controls MarcomPortal, and populates it with the latest, compliant marketing materials. Its always available and accessible to departments when they need materials.

Workflows from Concept to Print

Control your creative process with workflows, and connect directly with printers, giving teams the ability to order printed items with ease.

SSO and SAML integration

Onboard your entire company in a snap.

Manage your fine print with ease

Need to change fine print to keep up to date with regulations? How about swapping a logo for a brand refresh? Make the change across all of your collateral in a single step with bulk ops.

Customer Stories

Stories from Financial Brands who use
MarcomCentral every day.

The Ken Blanchard Companies Minimizes One-Off Requests with MarcomCentral

As The Ken Blanchard Companies continued to grow over the years, they found that they needed a variety of marketing assets on a daily basis for their global partners. To solve this, they brought in a programmer to create a system where these partners could access Marketing assets when needed.

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Johnson Financial Group Empowers Sales Team with Customized Marketing Templates

Before MarcomCentral, Johnson Financial Group’s Marketing team created a series of product flyer templates in order to support the Sales team. However, they repeatedly would receive requests to update these templates. 

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