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A Note to Financial Marketers: Help is Out There!

February 16, 2017
A Note to Financial Marketers: Help is Out There!

Just out of curiosity, how many product rate flyers have you updated so far this week? With the current state of our economy, I’m guessing about 10-15. Doesn’t seem too time consuming until you remember you need to personalize flyers for each agent you’re working with. Locate the appropriate disclosures for California, Minnesota … Can’t forget Florida either, and you’re what, about 200 flyers deep?

Not ideal given everything else on your plate. But instead of tackling the big stuff, you’ve been tasked with updating flyers that could potentially take 5 minutes each to complete. Do the math and you’re looking at over 16 hours of flyer updates!

Imagine if you got those hours back to work on other projects.

You could spend time building a new email drip campaign that’s focused on the selling points of that popular Fixed Index Annuity everyone is talking about this year. Or maybe you’d have time to actually dig into the upcoming Fiduciary Ruling and what it will mean for your agents and the way you market products. Then there’s lead generation. You can always enhance your marketing strategy, and who doesn’t want to bring in more writing agents?

Unfortunately though, simple customization tasks like updating flyers takes up time and the big stuff gets put on the back burner. But this isn’t all bad news.

Personalizing content is important. In fact, personalization of any kind can improve response rates by 3-5 times over generic communications.  So don’t stop doing it! Since it can be hard to do manually though, you may want to consider using a Marketing Asset Management (MAM) platform to help with your workload.

Didn’t know there was help out there? Well, there is. MAM is a central repository where the marketing department can organize and store customizable marketing templates, like flyers, in real-time. With your approval, agents can access your company’s repository and see assets that only pertain to them. That means agents in Florida won’t be given access to an asset that’s specific to California. And since compliance regulations will always be enforced in the insurance world, you can make sure every asset in your repository is pre-approved for immediate use once it’s been customized by your agent – not you.

By giving your agents this capability, you’ll have more free time to work on the big stuff – like a new email campaign. Plus, you’re still personalizing your marketing.

A recent Gleanster report found that 91% of top-performing companies cite the need to “increase relevance and personalization in local markets” as the top reason to invest in marketing asset management. So why not start now?

For more information on how you can enhance your insurance marketing strategies with a MAM platform, read Gleanster’s free eBook on Personalization.