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Franchise Marketing Strategies for Efficient Business Growth

November 04, 2022
Franchise Marketing Strategies for Efficient Business Growth

More than 90% of franchises survive past the first two years. This viability makes them good businesses to invest in, but it still takes good marketing to be a part of the winning group.

The strategies franchises use to attract new customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales are constantly changing. Today, franchise business marketing strategies are nearly always fully digital. This means that what has worked in the past for a franchise business might not work today.

Which marketing strategies you should use to grow your franchise will depend on the type of business you’re in and your company’s specific needs. That said, a few general approaches should work for your franchise business regardless of its exact nature.

What Has Worked in the Past for Franchise Business Strategies?

In the past, franchise marketing strategies were built on the assumption that marketing communications would remain static. At the same time, analytics and processing would be done with local computing devices, with a physical in-office staff and extensive, expensive facilities. 

Companies have relied on franchise business marketing strategies for a long time. Historically, they could depend on traditional applications, dedicated IT, and on-site staff to deliver service to clients.

Offline Apps

Software and applications delivered for installation on client devices were a mainstay in computing for years. With local applications, users can take full advantage of their personal equipment. They also have full access to their applications, whether connected to the internet or not.

Offline apps have long been a central part of strategic growth for franchise businesses. With finance, communication, and logistics tools, they make it easy to deliver messaging and products to end users.

Franchise business strategies can use offline apps to effectively grow their organizations by eliminating many of the hassles associated with manual data management.

Dedicated IT

Traditionally, companies have relied on in-house IT solutions for their needs. From creating company websites to updating necessary equipment, dedicated employees allow business leaders to make certain technical requirements are met and maintained. 

Dedicated IT solutions are integrated into the business, which can be tailored to the organization’s specific needs. This allows essential processes to be controlled more effectively with top-down franchise business marketing strategies and provides an added layer of security, as information isn’t being shared outside the company.

Physical Staff

For franchise businesses, having a physical staff has long been an important part of operations, giving managers oversight over their workforce and tight control over their daily activities. An in-person staff allows franchise businesses to coordinate their teams and manage efficiencies across locations.

While these strategies have worked in the past, the landscape of franchise marketing is quickly changing. Consequently, it’s crucial to have franchise business marketing strategies that will stand the test of time.

What Works in 2022 That Will Stand the Test of Time?

It’s important to consider how today’s businesses have adapted to the real world to ensure your franchise marketing business strategies succeed.

Franchise marketing strategies have evolved to be more flexible and personalized, creating a unique consumer experience. They’re more focused than ever on providing an excellent experience to customers.

Hyper-local marketing gains traction

  What most recent industry reports show us is that on one hand, customers are becoming more and more perceptive of companies’ online presence. On the other hand, companies have more and more tools and online solutions available to reach and show customers that they care and can serve them better. For large organizations, these two trends mean finding ways to create messages that appeal to hyper-local customers is easier than ever and can be the competitive edge they need to ride out the next couple of years.

Automated Support

In recent years, franchise business marketing strategies have increasingly relied on AI and automation to support users.

Actions such as delivering content, sending newsletters, and following up on tickets can all be automated for seamless support solutions in any environment. Automated tasks like these make it easier to deliver service 24/7 without increasing cost overhead.

Targeted Advertisements

Various digital platforms have become reliable sources of cheap marketing for businesses. With access to software and other digital tools that have tracking and analytics capabilities built right in, companies can easily target their advertising toward specific groups. 

Using marketing analytics and having a social media presence has become essential for any business model that wants to create effective campaigns.

Remote and Hybrid Staff

While businesses have been able to rely on physical staff for their operations in the past, they’re increasingly turning to remote and hybrid workers to meet their everyday needs. Remote and hybrid workers can achieve a better work-life balance and make office space more affordable for companies by reducing internal demand. 

As more workers see the advantages and flexibility of remote work, businesses are being transformed to suit the needs of their staff. 

What the Future Holds for Franchise Marketing

The future of franchise marketing is evident — attracting potential franchise owners will demand the digitization of your brand, while digital marketing strategies will continue to penetrate more niche markets. Advancements in AI, better analytics capabilities, and the hybridization of the workforce will drive this evolution.

Although the market is rapidly changing, there are signs that these trends are here to stay. Sooner or later, everything from manufacturing to the supply chain will be affected by the localization of franchise marketing strategies, giving both franchisors and franchisees more leeway to attract customers and sell their products.

Finding Efficient Business Growth

Efficient business growth largely depends on a franchise’s ability to create a cohesive brand image while attracting customers from an expanding market. As such, marketing and brand managers need to understand the latest technology and digital asset management trends.

Maintaining brand consistency in today’s world means creating local marketing campaigns that can adapt to changing circumstances. With the right digital asset management strategy, you can achieve sustainable growth while reaching new markets and finding new customers. 

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