Brand Control. Compliance. Self Service. All in One Portal.

MarcomPortal is medical marketing’s secret weapon. A fully-customizable enterprise-grade brand collateral workshop. A single source for every stakeholder to get pre-approved branded assets, customized to their exact use case.

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How does MarcomPortal Help?

A Single Source of Truth for Branded Items

MarcomPortal becomes your central brand repository, automatically eliminating non-compliant or expired branded collateral, business cards, enrollment guides, PowerPoints and more from getting out.

Manage Everyone’s Collateral Needs

Segment each user into groups to ensure that the right people have the right collateral. Each department might have their own group, so that all the proposals for sales go into the sales group, while everyone has access to business cards, and accounting is the only one who has access and can generate reports.

Remove One-off Interruptions

When an internal stakeholder wants to create a new proposal for a specific client with a tight timeline, they no longer reach out to Marketing in a panic. Instead, they just log into MarcomPortal, customize and order. Anytime, any day.


Check out how Marcom Portal can make your life easier:

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MarcomCentral gives multiple members of the strategic marketing and communications team greater job satisfaction because they can spend their time doing more meaningful work rather than making routine design updates and changes.

-Kelsey D., Regional Health

Marketing Collateral Made Easy

MarcomPortal gives marketers the tools to let each department handle their own collateral needs, while keeping everything on-brand and compliant.

Your Portal, Your Brand

MarcomPortal is made to be flexible. Style it exactly how you want it and maintain brand consistency for internal stakeholders.


Built-in Segmentation

Create Specific Categories for different types of collateral and split your users into groups to ensure that the right collateral gets to the right people.


Streamline Your Workflow

With an enhanced approval process, and print integration, never miss your next collateral need.


Templates for All

Create customizable templates for each and every stakeholder. Lock certain aspects to keep things on brand or complaint. Create options to add different graphics, or customize with their own contact info, or more.


Full SSO and SAML integrations

Onboard your entire company in a snap


Know What Works

Get key insights into what collateral is being used the most with built-in analytics.