Brand Portal Health Assessment

Diagnose the Health of your Brand Portal

Leverage our years of experience to create a Portal Health Assessment with recommendations on achieving maximum brand value, user engagement, and sales enablement.

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A Brand Portal Audit with Actionable Outcomes

We’ll work with you to assess your current Portal Environment, checking against best practices and identifying opportunities. We’ll also do interviews with stakeholders and bring our findings together into a report called The Portal Health Assessment.

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Environmental Review

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Baseline your current brand portal against best practices with similar high-performing use cases

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Review current state of the portal to identify gaps and areas of opportunity that would help to drive further adoption, engagement and a best-in-class user experience

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Assemble an action plan that outlines clear recommendations prioritized by highest level of impact for your organization

What can you expect when the Health Assessment is completed?

When the Health Assessment is delivered to you upon completion you can expect the following insights.

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Anonymized Data From Interviews

All the data collected from the interviewed team members, anonymized to encourage freedom and transparency

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Strengths and opportunities baselined using high-performing portal best practices

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A prioritized roadmap of process improvements that can be actioned in order by effort and priority to meet strategic objectives

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Review Presentation

Critical to the success of conducting the assessment, the presentation fosters a Q&A session, dialogue about what we think is critical for next steps and how to drive adoption.


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