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Here’s Where Your Sales Leaders Should Be Focusing Their Time

August 09, 2021
Here’s Where Your Sales Leaders Should Be Focusing Their Time

Keeping your sales team from distractions is a full-time job.

Trying to prevent sales paralysis is tough enough, but spending hours a week trying to locate the right marketing materials like brochures, presentations, proposals, etc., can throw a salesperson into mental chaos.

Field sales teams have a particularly challenging situation since they are incorporating personalized messaging in the marketing materials they share with prospects. If they’re able to find the asset they need, getting it personalized in time for their meeting is iffy at best.

Ultimately, their success comes down to delivering the right message, at the right time, and at the right step in the sales process. Distractions will not get the salesperson to this ideal scenario.

Sales leaders spend so much time refining their sales process, but little is often invested in eliminating confusion and ensuring messaging (from marketing) is delivered appropriately. Significant time and effort go into committing a company sales process to memory, but sales or field teams are often confused on when, how, and what content messaging should be delivered to prospects. And the list is long: social media posts, a finely crafted email, brochures, case studies, presentations, or videos, etc. But where’s the instruction manual for when and how to use it?

Planning between both sales and marketing helps to work this out, however what is often left out of this equation is a mechanism (tool perhaps) for sales to deliver content and for marketing to park it for consumption by end users.

This concept, known as Sales Enablement, streamlines and eases the delivery of the right message at the right time.

We have had the good fortune to work with companies in about every vertical imaginable, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial, Higher Ed, Franchise and so on. Even though the products differ, the customers vary, and the content message changes, the desire to refine a sales process, keep sales focused, and deliver the right messaging (easily) remains consistent.

As a sales or marketing leader, finding a sales enablement tool that serves both sales and marketing, that’s a real win.