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What Is Local Marketing Software and How to Use it Appropriately?

September 13, 2017
What Is Local Marketing Software and How to Use it Appropriately?

Gaining insight into the market, attracting potential customers, and researching existing competitors are essential for growing a business. A comprehensive marketing intelligence system meets all of these conditions and provides insight into market share and how specific products are doing. One type of such a marketing intelligence system is local marketing software products.

 Local marketing software is a type of digital marketing solution that allows companies to get familiar with local markets, develop a localized marketing strategy and promote their products and services effectively.

Keeping up with the ongoing changes in the market, however, isn’t so easy. General market trends can offer insight into internal performance, but correlating data points with location requires the ongoing collection of product metrics.

What Does Local Marketing Software Do?

Software for local business marketing intelligence allows organizations to align national brand strategies with local market trends. Local marketing software provides access to brand-approved assets and improves the speed of marketing to create better customer relationships.

Companies use local marketing platforms to:

  • Target nearby customers on social media
  • Create sponsorships and host local events
  • Register with relevant business directories
  • Send follow-up communications
  • Receive client testimonials

Having access to local marketing software lets small business owners and marketing managers improve their merchandising strategies, and investing in the right ones will allow your business to reach new audiences and establish itself in more communities. 

What Types of Companies Benefit Most from Local Marketing Software?

With access to industry data associated with local markets, companies across industries can create better marketing campaigns. Building awareness of products and services in nearby markets helps brands and their partners expand their regional footprints without spending as much on marketing.

Whether national or local, marketing campaigns must be informed by real-world data and performance metrics. Local marketing software makes it easy for companies of all forms to personalize their advertisements while reinforcing their core messaging. Franchises, dealerships, sales agents, and local businesses can all benefit from local marketing software.


Franchisors and franchisees constantly try to find new customers to enhance their revenue streams and drive awareness. With local marketing software, franchisees can manage all of their content in one place. A comprehensive suite of tools allows corporate leaders to market diverse content while staying on brand. 

Local Dealerships 

For local dealerships that are part of a larger brand network, it’s important to be able to promote the business to attract new customers. Maximizing leads and generating sales are simplified by local campaigns. Local marketing software allows dealerships to build consumer trust while actively managing market trends. 

Sales Agents

Sales agents must work closely with distributors to ensure their products reach local markets without issue. This collaborative environment makes it vital to have a software solution that can help track assets and confirm delivery. Local marketing software provides shipment and order tracking information, as well as warehousing support, so sales agents can get their products to market without a hitch.

Local Mom-and-Pop Shops

Local mom-and-pop shops have no shortage of problems. From supply-chain issues to increased prices, having the right tools for the job can make all the difference. Small businesses can use local marketing to deliver better service with less overhead, improving efficiency and making businesses more competitive across all markets.

Why Use Local Marketing Software?

A lack of brand awareness, poor online presence, and the inability to market effectively to local communities can prevent campaigns from taking off. With local business marketing intelligence software, companies can effectively allocate resources where they’re needed and drive performance.

Shopping locally is a significant factor in the decision to purchase for most buyers. With the proliferation of online options, such as Amazon, it may be surprising that some consumers still prefer to shop in physical stores. The experience is reportedly more pleasant, and a fraction of consumers prefer supporting their local shops and community. 

Hubspot estimates that “72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles,” meaning a solid local marketing strategy is vital for any business, large or small, to generate more income and improve traction. By leveraging software for local business marketing intelligence, businesses can communicate their brand and any products that they have to offer.

Here are six reasons your business needs local marketing software to assist in your marketing strategy.

1. Brand Recognition

One of the biggest struggles of a business is creating brand recognition right out of the gate. For the success of a business of any size, it’s crucial that people can efficiently familiarize themselves with the brand’s message and value proposition. When people can associate themselves with your logos, slogans, and imagery, it makes it easier for them to recognize your brand.

Using local marketing software ensures that your branding is the same throughout your locations. Local marketing software helps with recognition and trust, showing that your company’s product is reliable. Having a cohesive identity and message will demonstrate to consumers that your brand is consistent and knows what it wants to do.

2. Targeting Audiences Produces Highly Qualified Leads

When you’re able to get into the mind and motivations of your preferred customer, you can target them fully and create highly qualified leads. The challenge that companies face is being able to create marketing materials for all their locations (potentially globally) that still manage to speak directly to a local audience. 

Without local marketing software, a corporate marketing team would drown in custom requests for each location. Bringing in technology for this task allows a company to control brand messaging while giving local markets the ability to customize marketing materials to their audiences.

3. Higher Chances of Repeated Sales

Consumers today want and expect a personalized experience as they shop. The more a brand can provide this kind of experience, the more likely the consumer will purchase from that brand again. 

A business does not live on single sales alone. It’s repeated customers that drive the growth of a business. Local marketing software allows you to tailor your brand directly to customers, resulting in more unique experiences that keep them coming back.

4. Data-Driven Results

Marketing is only as good as the reporting that is produced at the end of a campaign. Stated campaign objectives, the approach that was taken, the result, and a review of the overall process all require data tracking and management to be accurate. Local marketing software helps you generate this reporting. Traffic data and analytics offer insights into how effective a campaign was and how it might be improved in the future.  

The use of local marketing software allows you to track the results of marketing efforts based on several interactions, best-performing marketing assets, and actual return on investment. This data helps shape the future of your company’s marketing efforts and advertising dollars. 

5. Building a Rapport Makes Customers Feel Comfortable With Your Team

When you deploy a local marketing campaign and effectively train your team on the goals and tactics involved with the campaign, you build a strong team capable of handling any questions or issues that arise. Having a knowledgeable team helps your customers feel at ease with their purchases and ensures they get a consistent experience with your brand. 

When your team can effectively assist your customers with their needs, even before they know what they are, they will feel better about the whole process. With a good rapport, you can cultivate a sense of trust within the markets you’re attempting to service. Making customers feel valued and understood is essential for driving engagement and reinforcing brand awareness. 

6. Small-Town Feel In Big Business

Utilizing local marketing efforts can help give a big or medium-sized business the feeling of belonging within a small community, in which the community members embrace the business and its services. 

This again speaks back to brand recognition and using local marketing software to gain data on a specific location to deliver directly to their wants, needs, and decision points to help make your business an asset to the community, no matter the size.

Leveraging Local Marketing Software for Better Campaigns

Marketing for multiple locations across many regions can be difficult without the technology and knowledge of how to deploy a local marketing strategy. However, using the right software to help with this process can rid you of the headaches and guessing games often associated with marketing to highly targeted audiences.

Local marketing software benefits companies across multiple industries, allowing them to distribute available assets to new markets without compromising existing ones. Marketing software takes much of the guesswork out of brand resource management, letting you build your brand as you see fit. If you want a personalized brand experience consistent across markets, having a digital asset management partner can make all the difference.

With the right local marketing software in place, you’ll be able to market your products while growing users effectively. There are many local marketing products available. The best ones are both experienced and driven by innovation. 

Better campaigns can be yours with the right local marketing software.