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How Local Marketing Software Quickly Helps You Improve Traction

Shopping local is a big factor in the decision to purchase for most buyers. With the proliferation of online options, *ahem* Amazon, it may be surprising to hear that some consumers prefer to shop in physical stores . The experience itself is reportedly more pleasant and a fraction of consumers prefer to support their local shops and community. Hubspot estimates that “72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles” which means a strong local marketing strategy is a must for any business, large or small, to generate more income and improve traction.

Here are 6 reasons your business needs a local marketing software to assist in your marketing strategy.

1. Brand Recognition

One of the biggest struggles of a business is creating brand recognition right out of the gate. It’s important for the success of a business of any size that people get familiar with their brand message and value proposition. Using local marketing software ensures that your branding is the same throughout all your locations. This helps with recognition and trust and it shows that your company’s product is reliable.

2. Targeting Audiences Produces Highly Qualified Leads

When you’re able to get in the mind and motivation of your preferred customer, you’re able to target them fully, which creates highly qualified leads. The challenge companies face is being able to create marketing materials for all their locations (potentially globally) that speak directly to a local audience. Without local marketing software, the corporate marketing team would drown in custom requests for each location. Bringing in technology for this task allows a company to control brand messaging while giving local markets the ability to customize marketing materials to their audiences.

3. Higher Chances of Repeated Sales

Consumers today want and expect a personalized experience when shopping. The more a brand is able to provide this kind of experience, the more likely the consumer is to purchase from that brand again. A business does not live on single sales alone. It’s repeated customers that really drive the growth of a business.

4. Data-Driven Results

The use of local marketing software allows you to track the results of marketing efforts based on number of interactions, best performing marketing assets, and actual return on investment. Utilization of this data helps shape the future of your business’s marketing efforts and advertising dollars. Marketing is only as good as the reporting that is produced at the end of a campaign, and local marketing software helps you generate this reporting.

5. Building Rapport Makes Customers Feel Comfortable With Your Team

When you deploy a local marketing campaign and effectively train your team on the goals and tactics involved with the campaign, you build a strong team capable of handling any questions or issues that arise. Having a knowledgeable team helps your customers feel at ease with their purchase and that they’re getting a consistent experience with your brand. When your team is able to effectively assist your customers with their needs, even before they know what they are, they will feel better about the whole process.

6. Small Town Feel In Big Business

Utilizing local marketing efforts can help give a big or medium sized business the feeling of belonging within a small community, in which the members of the community embrace the business and their services. This again speaks back to brand recognition, and using a local marketing software to gain data on a specific location to deliver directly to their wants, needs, and decision points helps make your business, no matter the size, an asset to the community.

Marketing for multiple locations, across many regions can be quite difficult without the technology and knowledge of how to deploy a local marketing strategy but using the right software to help with this process can rid you of the headaches and guessing games often associated with marketing to extremely targeted audiences.

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