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How to Boost Your Sales Team Productivity With Digital Asset Management Software?

May 18, 2021
How to Boost Your Sales Team Productivity With Digital Asset Management Software?

Digital assets are content pieces that may be stored digitally. Graphics, images, videos, slide decks, and text documents are some examples of digital assets.

As digital marketing continues to expand, so does the definition of digital assets. Although diverse, each type of digital asset is unique to companies and organizations. Some assets help promote brand image, others promote products and services, while others ensure brand longevity. Hence, each is as valuable as the other.

Whether big or small, B2B and B2C companies need digital assets for increased productivity and growth. Therefore, companies need to develop new ways to store and preserve their digital assets in ways that are accessible. This is where Digital Assets Management Solutions (DAM) comes in. 

DAM provides a safe, easy to access storage platform for all types of digital assets. Let’s dive into the benefits of DAM and how you can use it to boost sales team productivity.

Digital Asset Management Benefits for The Sales Team

Timing is a crucial element in the world of sales and marketing. By using a DAM solution, sales teams can get what they need when they need it, allowing for shortened response time as they deal with prospects.

This may mean more lead magnets and customer retention. It is also where the use of digital assets may boost the productivity of your sales team through these benefits:

  • Assets stored in a DAM are easy to search for, find, share and use to collaborate effectively
  • Once stored in a DAM, digital assets can be reused multiple times and in a timely way, cutting down on digital asset production costs
  • Assets canan be shared in real-time, and as soon as they are created
  • DAM simplifies the process of editing and reviewing digital assets 
  • DAM eliminates the bottleneck process and makes teamwork more effective

Optimizing Productive Asset Management For Sales And Marketing

With digital asset management solutions, your sales team can easily and quickly access and utilize relevant content to boost a sales pitch. In other words, asset management for sales and marketing boosts your productivity by improving your sales team’s selling capabilities and unveiling the necessary resources at each stage of the buying cycle. 

DAM Provides Quick Access to Marketing Collateral

During sales meetings and project launches, sales representatives are often tasked with making a presentation on the go. Easy access to the company’s digital assets any time they are required is critical. And this is where a DAM is most beneficial. You can quickly get a hold of booklets, use cases, brand books, and reports. 

You can then make precise and efficient presentations and even share with potential clients as the main sales office works with the marketing department to ensure that the brand assets are put to appropriate use by the right people to ensure brand consistency.

Furthermore, a digital asset management solution ensures that your sales team gains unlimited access to the latest marketing collateral. This improves their capacity to provide new and existing clients with the necessary materials promptly.

DAM Supports Each Stage of The Buying Cycle

Easy access to a variety of sales material ensures timely distribution of the materials to many prospects at the same time. For instance, your company may use a specific approach to repurposing content, such as recording demos and using them with clients. You can then review them regularly to decide what works and what doesn’t.

This technique helps your sales team improve the efficiency and quality of similar demos in the future. And if the clients happen to have other prospects in their network, you can easily share these demos using the DAM.

It’s an approach that also works with other sales resources such as proposals, case studies, and presentation slides. You can then review the content, identify valuable insights and use it to encourage the prospects to make a purchasing decision.

DAM Helps Teams Manage the Insights of User Testing

Understanding the browsing behaviors of website visitors or application users can help you determine the objectives and intents of your prospects.

If a team manager is conducting user testing, it’s likely they will gather a vast amount of invaluable data. A DAM solution could help team managers: 

  • Easily navigate this data within the DAM library 
  • Search for a particular user testing video using tags and keywords

DAM Can Integrate With Your Customer Relationship Management tool to Improve Sales Performance

An effective digital asset organization that includes DAM and CRM may guarantee double benefits to your sales and marketing productivity. A DAM and CRM integration enables you to personalize and centralize each asset type for every individual client and easily access and avail them to each specific prospect. The objective of integrating DAM and CRM is to avoid lengthy and frustrating searches for the required sales material.Asset management for sales and marketing is the new approach today’s professionals use for effective and productive business. With a proven track record, its many benefits and efficiencies are worth taking advantage of. If you’re looking to improve your productivity and growth in sales and marketing, consider investing in DAM solutions. Enable your teams to customize and distribute content, ultimately allowing them to execute your marketing initiatives faster.