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Our pricing and features suit any size business, from small teams to large enterprises.

Control: Create: Customize:
well-equipped brand distribution portal

Launch your brand and sales enablement portal in a couple of weeks with our core platform that includes MarcomDesigner. Empower your users with customizable marketing and sales collateral while enforcing consistency and ensuring brand compliance. Distribute downloadable sales enablement assets throughout your organization and track their usage and effectiveness.
personalized portal with custom content library

Give your users the ability to create unique, on-brand content highly customized to their individual usecase. Provide access to extensive template, content, and digital asset libraries to ensure messaging and brand compliance throughout their branded portal experience. Includes setup of 10 asset templates for your team to use right out of the box.
build a custom portal that best serves your organization’s use case.

Meet the unique demands of your organization’s brand compliance and sales enablement use case by expanding beyond our Control and Create packages. Leverage additional features, immersive training, advanced template creation, and integration with your martech ecosystem to create your brand’s best in class, distributed marketing platform.
Distributed Marketing Portal Basic Logo Branded Portal Branded Portal Experience Advanced Branded Portal
Unlimited Users Included Included Included
Turn-key integration of versioned templates 3 10 10+
MarcomDesigner: create, edit, and update sales and marketing assets Included Included Included
Storage Capacity Up to 250GB Up to 1TB Customizable (Up to 2TB included)
Static Asset Up to 200 Up to 1000 Customizable (Up to 2000 included)
Template generation licenses (InDesign and Acrobat plugins) 10 Licenses 10+ Licenses
Advanced Search and Filtering Included Included Included
BI Dashboard: reporting, usage, and performance analytics with Google Analytics Connection Included Included Included
Single-Sign-On (SSO) SSO web-service SSO web-service or SAML SSO web-service or SAML
Email Connectors (Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua) Available (See Connectors above) Available Included
Testing Portal Available Included Included
Dashboard integration with third-party production suppliers Included for up to 5 suppliers Included for up to 10 suppliers
E-commerce/connection to supplier Included Included
Live training with instructor (virtual) For Admins and Creative Teams: Live training For Admins and Creative Teams: Live training with onsite training available
MarcomCentral Online Academy Access (selfpaced): covers how to use the admin portal, MarcomDesigner, uploading assets, and asset management For Admin Users and Creative Teams For Admin Users and Creative Teams For Admin Users and Creative Teams
Training for template generation Included Included
Solutions Design Consulting Streamlined consulting (3-4 hours) Best practice solution consulting Advanced solution consulting
Technical support, hosting, maintenance and system updated Included Included Included


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