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Streamlined features
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No more file mazes icon

No more file mazes

Say goodbye to the days of overflowing, unorganized file storage. Say hello to finding files with speed and clarity.

Your files, your way icon

Your files, your way

Everything in one place, exactly where you want it. Customize users, tags, and beyond.

Share freely icon

Share freely

Share files to internal and external teams easily with links you can set to expire.

Uploads made easy icon

Uploads made easy

Drag and drop or upload in mere seconds to create a new Collection.

Keep content curated icon

Keep content curated

Use asset collections to sort content into the themes that make sense for your brand.

More features

Metadata tagging

You’ll have the option to add tags or search keywords to all your assets individually or in groups.

Image file conversion

Once an image file has been selected, users have the option to download the image in a selection of different file types.

Filter search results

Using the advanced search filters, users can narrow down their results using metadata.

Automatic file resizing

Users can download a file in several different file sizes giving them the flexibility to get what they need without sending a request.

Video playback

For videos stored in MarcomGather, users have the option to play the video before downloading or sharing it.

Analytic insight

With a suite of analytics dashboards, you’ll be able to track user engagement and asset usage among other stats.

Bulk Upload

Save time by uploading and tagging many assets at once.

Chat support

Real time chat support.

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Frequently asked questions
about MarcomGather

How much does MarcomGather cost?

Reach out to our team for MarcomGather’s special introductory pricing.

How is this better than a shared drive?

MarcomGather is a visual library where you can see your assets in organized Collections instead of in layered file systems. MarcomGather also has metadata tagging and advanced search so you can find a file in seconds. Shared drives have limited searchability.

How many users can I have on MarcomGather?

Unlimited at no extra cost!

Can I share files with someone who doesn’t have MarcomGather?

Yes. You can easily create a link and share it with anyone. You can also set an expiration date, so the link is no longer active when you don’t want it to be.

What file types can I upload?

All sorts of file types including: Adobe, audio, email, image, HTML, video, and more.

Ready to get started?

Awesome! Give your team MarcomGather free for 30-days. We hope you find it as useful as we have for our own team!

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