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Streamlined for maximum
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Find files faster icon

Find files faster

No one has time to fish through overflowing, unorganized shared drives. MarcomGather’s visually organized collections get you to what you’re after with speed and clarity—and we’re one of the most affordable fully featured DAMs on the market.

Experience the DAM difference icon

Experience the DAM difference

Shared drives and cloud storage are okay for basic needs—but our digital asset management platform is a real game-changer, with advanced features that keep you better organized and save tons of time.

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Get instantly familiar

Customize users, tags, collections and other settings so you can personalize the platform and work more intuitively from the get-go. Fits like a glove, you might say.

Share anywhere icon

Share anywhere

Goodbye, email attachments. With just a couple of clicks, share files with internal and external teams, and set links to expire to minimize pass-along exposure.

Drag, drop, tag and move on icon

Drag, drop, tag and move on

Create a new digital asset collection in just seconds with a simple move and easy tagging. Prefer to upload? You can do that, too.

Accelerate success with simplified access icon

Accelerate success with simplified access

With approved images, presentations, templates and other resources at their fingertips, marketing and sales folks can gather the right tools without making requests.

Build a brand-centric library icon

Build a brand-centric library

Use asset collections to sort and curate content into themes, campaigns and other categories that make sense for your brand.

More features (and always more coming)

Set appropriate access

Not everyone needs everything. Your admin decides which users and groups can see and download specific asset collections.

Tag without even trying

Artificial intelligence auto-populates all digital assets with potential tags during the upload flow for descriptive searches later.

Click once, download lots

Select multiple files and create one share link that recipients can use to download all the files with a single click.

Own the experience

Reinforce your company’s commitment to simple, powerful solutions by branding MarcomGather with your own logo and themed colorway.

Optimize searchability

Add tags or search keywords — especially those in your team or company’s brand language — to your assets individually or in groups.

Get it how you need it

Select and download images in any of fifteen popular file types so you don’t have to convert them yourself.

Find and refine

Zero in on exactly what you’re looking for with advanced search filters, then narrow your results using metadata.

Reduce resize requests

Download a file in several different file sizes so you get what you need without resizing it yourself or asking a teammate to help.

Preview with playback

Watch full videos stored in MarcomGather before downloading or sharing — a must-have for massive files.

See what’s hot (and not)

Who’s using MarcomGather? What’s being downloaded? Our analytics dashboards help you understand which assets are valued and which may need freshening or retirement.

Hit the ground smarter

Consult with our experts and we’ll help you apply best practices to the way your organization works and what you need fromMarcomGather.

Add assets, subtract time

Bulk-upload and tag many assets at once while you pivot to something more important.

Reach out when you need us

Real-time chat support is here for you.

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Frequently asked questions
about MarcomGather

How is this better than a shared drive?

MarcomGather is a visual library where you can see your assets in organized Collections instead of in layered file systems. MarcomGather also has metadata tagging and advanced search so you can find a file in seconds. Shared drives have limited searchability.

How many users can I have on MarcomGather?

Unlimited at no extra cost!

Can I share files with someone who doesn’t have MarcomGather?

Yes. You can easily create a link and share it with anyone. You can also set an expiration date, so the link is no longer active when you don’t want it to be.

What file types can I upload?

All sorts of file types including: Adobe, audio, email, image, HTML, video, and more.

Ready to get started?

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