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The best brands in the world use MarcomPortal to deliver consistent experiences. Organize, customize and distribute collateral all from one platform.

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Our valued clients

Telling a consistent brand story is more
difficult than ever.

A consistent customer experience is out of reach for many brands with global operations

Marketing has more channels and content they must produce to reach prospects.

Sales requires more resources than ever to enable social selling and cut through the noise their prospects deal with every day.

Partners without proper collateral, continue to sell other offerings or give out mixed messages to your end users.


MarcomPortal is a single place where every team in your organization can access pre-approved branded collateral.

Custom Portal Branding

Each portal can be customized to reflect your brand for a seamless brand experience.

Universal Updates

Save time by swapping new logos, or legal text on every piece of collateral at once.

Stay on Schedule

Reduce One-off requests from other departments.

Customizable Templates

Create collateral templates to allow end-users to customize to their specific needs.

Workflow Automation

Set approval rules that automatically send notifications to approvals, set approval rules, and integrate with vendors to allow ordering and distribution.

On-demand Expiration

Expire resources to ensure that only the items that are currently compliant can be used.

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MarcomCentral is a favorite tool around our organization. Not only does it provide time savings for our Marketing department, but our Independent Dealers love the freedom to create and produce professional looking materials with ease!

Customer Stories

Honest stories from global brands who
use MarcomCentral every day

Davita Kidney Care supports 2,500 locations with one Portal. Their field professionals can quickly download and print marketing materials on demand, from anywhere, as soon as they need them.

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Biggby Coffee scaled franchise locations with ease, streamlining 1200 collateral requests per month by leveraging customizable templates in MarcomCentral.

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Delta Vacations created a one stop shop for their sales team, saving money by leveraging MarcomCentrals print-on-demand feature to only order the materials they need.

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The Boys and Girls Clubs of America empower affiliates with professional grade marketing materials. Every location – no matter the budget – now looks like they have an entire creative design team on staff.

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Work concurrently within Salesforce to pull key customer data that dynamically imports into your MarcomCentral portal to create targeted marketing assets directly from the Salesforce platform.


Create and customize an email campaign directly inside MarcomCentral, alleviating the need to share access to your corporate Marketo instance or create additional logins for sales.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customize, execute, and track on-demand email campaigns inside the MarcomCentral portal that can be accessed within your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance in real time.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Access corporate email campaigns within MarcomCentral, then customize predetermined fields so they distribute more personalized messaging through seamless automation.

Google Analytics

Gain insight into your portal’s activity, specifically allowing you to see what content is performing well, who is accessing it, and where you can optimize your campaigns.


Frequently asked questions about our distributed marketing solution

Who is this for?

Marketing is normally the department that manages the platform. Many organizations implement MarcomPortal company-wide, giving everyone 24/7 access to branded collateral and customizable assets.

Organizations take the time to create brand portals to help accelerate sales, as a key part of a partner or channel program, to keep all of their collateral compliant with regulations, to ensure that locations distributed across the world have real-time access to collateral and more.

What can it do?

MarcomPortal is an extremely flexible system, made for any size organization who wants to manage, customize and distribute branded assets.

Not only can MarcomPortal be a single place for all individuals who need branded items. Admins can create groups to ensure that only the right people see the right collateral.

You can Brand and configure MarcomPortal your way. Change logos, fonts, colors and much more to tailor the experience to your end users.

MarcomPortal can create templates for departments to customize approved branded collateral. Some clients use this for custom proposal templates, others to allow branches to create collateral customized to their own locations.

MarcomPortal integrates with fulfillment providers. Departments can then order physical items like business cards, brochures, mailers and more. By Routing these orders directly to your vendors for production/fulfillment, it means fewer one-off tasks for Marketing.

You can set up workflow approvals in MarcomPortal, to maintain company compliance or regulations and ensure that nothing is finalized or ordered without a final approval.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Each use case is customized for your needs. You’ll be set up with a representative to walk you through your unique implementation time.

Examples of Real Customer Portals

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