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With Distributed Marketing, marketing assets can be customized and distributed directly by field teams from anywhere in the world. With pre-approved templates, marketing can ensure assets always remain 100% brand compliant.

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Main features

The one stop shop for everyone

Customize collateral icon

Customize collateral

Using dynamic templates, quickly edit fields of text to create a custom asset without sending a request to marketing.

Share and order icon

Share and order

Share, download, or order marketing collateral, promo goods, business cards and more simply.

Track usage icon

Track usage

With best in class Business Intelligence, you can create custom reports and track trends to optimize collateral development.

Share and favorite icon

Share and favorite

Powerful search finds what you need in seconds and Favorites keeps those important assets in one place.

More features

Custom portal branding

We provide custom designed portals to match your corporate identity so when users log in they’ll have a seamless brand experience.

Approval workflows

Improve your workflow and set approval rules that automatically send notifications to an approver when a new asset has been customized or needs a sign-off.

Custom catalogs

Create navigation menus for users to locate the most important media assets to their line of business.


Set up your portal for fulfillment distribution and for ordering promotional goods, marketing collateral, business cards, and more in one easy step.

Sync with Salesforce

Speed up sales cycles by sending, tracking, and logging contact activity directly from your Salesforce account.

Expiration notifications

Automatically set notifications when an asset is about to expire and is no longer available to use in the field.

Mass updates

Enforce brand guidelines by effectively managing outdated images, trademarks, logos or disclaimers by making a single update to all relevant assets.



Work concurrently within Salesforce to pull key customer data that dynamically imports into your MarcomCentral portal to create targeted marketing assets directly from the Salesforce platform.


Create and customize an email campaign directly inside MarcomCentral, alleviating the need to share access to your corporate Marketo instance or create additional logins for sales.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customize, execute, and track on-demand email campaigns inside the MarcomCentral portal that can be accessed within your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance in real time.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Access corporate email campaigns within MarcomCentral, then customize predetermined fields so they distribute more personalized messaging through seamless automation.

Google Analytics

Gain insight into your portal’s activity, specifically allowing you to see what content is performing well, who is accessing it, and where you can optimize your campaigns.

Control Your Brand Assets from Creation to Print Image

Control Your Brand Assets from Creation to Print

DaVita Kidney Care, a leader in quality dialysis care, employs over 70,000 people nationwide. With over 2,500 dialysis centers across the United States, each of these locations requires up to date branded marketing assets to serve their local market.

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Frequently asked questions about our distributed marketing solution

How is this product different from MarcomGather Digital Asset Management?

Distributed Marketing is ideal for businesses with large networks of sales teams, partners, or branch locations who benefit from highly customizable marketing materials that field teams can edit on their own.

What parts of the product can be customized?

Full customization of your brand portal, from visual identity to eCommerce checkout is available. Templates are also fully customizable, meaning any field can be editable for your end-users.

How does Marcom Portal support compliance? 

Using permission settings and approval workflows, you can be sure that finished assets are on-brand and legal approved before reaching the outside world.

Is MarcomDesigner included? 

Yes. MarcomDesigner, the basic template builder, is included in all packages for Marcom Portal. You’ll be able to create templates quickly and easily without advanced design skills required.

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