Marcom Integration: Onecloud

Microsoft OneDrive

Integration Developed by MarcomCentral

Our integration with OneDrive makes it simple to move your files into MarcomCentral
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Simply Login to your OneDrive Account

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Select the Files in OneDrive to Add

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Organize in Collections

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Auto Tag with AI

OneDrive full of multiple files with similar names, and no identifying tags? Move them all over to MarcomCentral Digital Asset Management with a seamless integration that makes it easy to centralize all your company’s files. This integration works right inside the upload an asset workflow, simply select upload from OneDrive, sign into your Microsoft Account and bring over all your files in a snap, adding tags along the way so you can find those files later.

Integrations That Work Across Industries

Non-Profit Non-Profit


Save critical time with centralized brand management.
Print Service Provider Print Service Provider

Print Service Provider

PSP's of all sizes leverage MarcomCentral to streamline fulfillment requests and boost customer experience.
Hospitality Hospitality


Immediately updated marketing materials for an ever changing industry.
Education Education


Instant file sharing and digital asset management for schools and universities.

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