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MarcomCentral is on a mission to help organizations create amazing customer experiences. By leveraging our platform, your clients get a solution that allows them to delight their customers at every touchpoint. You get a residual revenue stream with each new account.

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Content is King

In today’s digital world, content is king. Marketers create lots of amazing content, and must ensure that every content piece is on brand. Organizations need a centralized platform for all their files, and a way to distribute those files to create meaningful experiences for their customers. Simple storage solutions, like dropbox or google drive, are not keeping up with today’s business environment. That’s where MarcomCentral can help.

MarcomCentral is a scalable platform, giving your clients the ability to choose the capabilities they need for where they are as a business. For most businesses, the first step is to organize marketing collateral into a centralized location. MarcomCentral can help get those businesses on track and expand to meet the needs of more mature organizations over time.

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MarcomCentral is a fully featured DAM (digital asset management) platform. It’s one of the easiest to use and most affordable digital asset management (DAM) solutions on the market. When teams use MarcomCentral, they find the latest presentation, instruction manual, sales one pager, or campaign brochure in no time– and can be confident it’s the most up to date version

This is a great step up from solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, where marketing collateral is buried in folder after folder or duplicated without warning.

Upload your files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive

  • Setup is fast – start using it immediately
  • Tag files inside MarcomCentral to find them later fast
  • Manage many groups to ensure the right people have the right access
  • Built-in analytics to know what’s working
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Now that your client is organized, they may want to add customization to their MarcomCentral software. Use this to create Portals for different teams to access branded collateral, as well as branded templates.

Give every team the ability to customize emails, presentations, flyers, product catalogs, and more all while following strict brand guidelines. Ensure that corporate marketing creates every customer communication, and that each touchpoint is the best experience that it can be. Your client has a central, stable portal for all their assets, and you get residual revenue for each portal.

  • Create a centralized brand portal with custom branding
  • Give distributors, sales teams, franchisees, partners and more access with group management
  • Empower all employees to create collateral specific to their local market, within customized templates preapproved by marketing
  • Update a logo or fine print on everything with mass updates
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The final piece of the puzzle: the ability to empower everyone who loves your business to promote your business. Give access to internal and external individuals and let them use pre-approved marketing templates to publish their own marketing campaigns.

Give that sales influencer all the information they need to create amazing posts about your brand, without ruining brand compliance. Connect print providers to give your teams the ability to build and order physical items with a click.

  • Create an e-commerce experience for your users
  • Integrate directly with print providers
  • Give different users different levels of access so they can grab the collateral they need 24/7
  • Ensure the right partners have access to the correct content
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Key Features and Benefits

Icon: Limit-Free Living

Limit-free living

Unlimited user accounts and file collections

Icon: See what's hot

Powerful Analytics

View stats on which files are most popular, which are least used, and user statistics

Icon: Easy File Sharing

Easy file sharing

Manage group and file access with ease and share files easier and more reliably than sharing via FTP

Icon: Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

No systems to manage or maintain – MarcomCentral is software in the cloud

Icon: All File Types Welcome

File-types welcome

Works with the majority of file types

Icon: Easy Setup = Minimal Lag

Easy setup = minimal lag

Setup is fast – many customers start using DAM immediately

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Solve your clients’ DAM problems

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