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You’ve Re-Branded, Now What?

March 19, 2021
You’ve Re-Branded, Now What?

The new website is published, your updated logo and assets shared out to the team…now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Right? Not quite yet.

A true break doesn’t happen just yet but give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Rebrands are tough but worth it. Now comes the communication plan, both externally and internally, along with the promotion of all your hard work.

I’ve included some tips and tricks to follow post-launch to get the most out of your rebrand.

1. The golden rule: maintain brand consistency

Brand consistency is everything. It not only reflects the overall look of your brand, but also affects compliance and reputation.

When launching a complete rebrand, it is vital to organize your new assets and archive the old. As you communicate to your internal team and share new pieces of collateral, you must also promote the importance of consistency. You’ll want a “single source of truth” where all of your newly rebranded materials live and that users can access easily This could be a company cloud drive or digital asset management platform. If these pieces are accessible, your team will be more likely to maintain consistency and only use what’s new.

2. Get your company excited, promote the rebrand internally

A rebrand is an incredibly exciting time for any Marketing team. You’ve done the hard work and now you have a visual end product. Time to pop the champagne!

However, the other departments or teams within your organization may not have been as large of a part of all in this hard work. They might not feel as invested in the new launch. So, it’s your responsibility to get them excited.

Sending out newly branded promo items to employees and celebratory emails can be great ways to achieve company wide excitement. Getting the entire company involved is also the perfect way to strengthen a feeling of pride among your team. One way to do this is through featuring different team members on the website, with photos or testimonials.

When employees are aware and excited about the new brand, they are more likely to make sure their sharing out accurately branded material.

3. Communicating to clients

Clients and investors, along with stake holders, always need to be kept in the loop – it won’t be good if they think that they’re the last to know about a big change. Communicating to these groups is a balancing act between outlining what’s new and exciting, and reassuring them that their experience will remain consistent and even be improved.

An email campaign, rebranded gifts, direct calls to the client- these are all great ways to build excitement with your client base while also speaking to the aspects of your brand that will not be changing.

4. Promote, promote, promote! External communication

Your beautiful new branding is up and running, now it’s time to promote the heck out of it. Launching a multi-channel campaign focusing on your rebrand is a great route to take. New ads, updated voice, and of course a snazzy press release.

The more excitement you can generate around the new brand, the better. Your goal is to drive website visits first and foremost, and then of course, convert those to demos or sales.

The most important take away after the launch of a rebrand is not to stay silent. You want to increase your asset development and communication to better enhance the story of your new brand. You’ve done the hard work, after all, now it’s time to make it worth the while.