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eBook: 5 Crucial Components of a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

What does it take to truly close a sale? Is it wit, skill, charm, luck? All of the above? Certainly those are all characteristics of strong salespeople and teams, but that doesn’t mean they should live or die by these attributes. Sales enablement is being increasingly utilized by companies to provide their sales teams with the information, content, and resources they need to sell more effectively.

Demand Gen Report: The Brand Management Playbook

Failure to deliver consistent messages and campaigns carries huge risks — not only to brand identity, but to customer acquisition, retention and lead generation. That’s the challenge that many organizations face today. In this interactive iPaper you’ll learn about the pitfalls of brand management and best practices from industry experts on how to whip your brand into shape and grow your business.

demand metric

Demand Metric: The State and Impact of Content Consistency

Are you looking to improve sales and marketing content across your organization, but not sure where to start? Review our full report to uncover a four-step action plan you can follow that will help improve the consistency of your content and marketing strategy, and give you a better understanding of how to reduce the creation of fragmented assets and tactics.


eBook: Busting the 5 Myths About MAM, DAM, and Project Management

What is Marketing Asset Management? Is it the same as Digital Asset Management or Enterprise Content Management? How does it differ from Project Management? The truth is, the ways in which companies manage marketing efforts and materials has never been more complex. This eBook helps explain which tool may be right for your organization and target audience.


MarketingProfs: The Cure for your Brand Asset Headaches

Today more than ever, consumers need help in order to make make informed, confident buying decisions. By that same token, brands need strong identities if they are in fact going to create that brand experience a consumer audience expects. So what, precisely, goes into that modern brand experience and the associated marketing strategy? Read this report to find out!


Local Store Marketing Personalization, Gleanster Deep Dive

We know from research that marketing efforts incorporating personalization of any kind can improve response rates by 3-5 times over generic communication. But personalization goes far beyond email salutations. This Deep Dive resort will explore practical recommendations and best practices for making local store marketing personalization a reality for your brand.


Marketing Asset Management, Brand Management’s Key to Success

Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is becoming an increasingly important part of today’s corporate marketing structure and tactics. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation about what MAM is, what it does, and how it can help organizations achieve their goals. This white paper will shed some light on MAM and how it works.


The Marketer’s Guide to Content Management Technologies, Gleanster Deep Dive

We have a plethora of acronyms for tools we don’t necessarily know anything about – MAM, DAM, EMM? It’s time to get educated about the content management space. This Deep Dive seeks to make sense of this alphabet soup of content management technologies, by exploring the relative strengths and weakness of each from a marketer’s perspective.

aberdeen group

Marketing Asset Management, Research from AberdeenGroup

Today, marketers are tasked with managing brands and content across multiple business units and geographies in an attempt to facilitate lead generation while reaching a company’s target audience. It’s a big task and many marketers and digital marketers alike are starting to feel the pressure. A tool like Marketing Asset Management can help though, since it was designed to create, centralize, and manage marketing assets along with simplifying marketing automation.

Whether you are a huge corporation or a small business, utilize the provided resources and free marketing eBooks to learn more about marketing campaign tips. These resources deep dive into various topics, from marketing automation to reporting and analytics, and everything in between – these tactics can help grow your business.