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Online Training Resources

In-depth recordings of how to use various solutions in our product line. Our experienced instructors walk through all aspects of each solution, using real world use cases and examples. Look for additional resources to be added regularly.

Available Recordings and Videos:

FusionPro® VDP Creator

FusionPro VDP Creator is our install based software that takes a PDF and allows it to compose variable data locally and/or the building a template that is uploaded to MarcomCentral, to allow Portal users to customize the document online.

  • FusionPro VDP Fundamental Webinar – A recorded 2 hour webinar, demonstrating the fundamentals of the job creation with FusionPro VDP Creator.  We show how to export your document from InDesign with frames designated as variable within the PDF; defining the data source, resources and simple rule creation.  Finally we expose the basics for output composition and use of FusionPro Imposer.
  • How to use FusionPro Imposer – An overview for how to create impositions using FusionPro Imposer.  This video demonstrates the 3 step process for imposing FusionPro documents.
  • FusionPro VDP Advanced Webinar – A recorded 2 hour webinar, demonstrating some of the advanced functionality of FusionPro VDP Creator, using in-depth JavaScript. The selected uses cases are based on common scenarios or challenges FusionPro users experience.

MarcomCentral® Distribution

Distribution is MarcomCentral’s interface for Supplier’s to manage the production side of the orders placed at a customer Portal.

  • Creating Job Tickets in Distribution – This video reviews the processes available for creating Job and Pick Tickets in Distribution; using both the Search section and the Job Ticketing section. In addition, learn how to generate a ganged imposition and how to extract the mapped data for a Variable Product and resubmit for composition.
  • Creating Packing Slips in Distribution – This video reviews the processes available for creating a Packing Slip in Distribution; which designates an Order or Product has shipped and triggers the email notification to the customer.  We demonstrate using both the Search section and the Packing Slip section.
  • Creating Invoices in Distribution – This video reviews the procedure of creating invoices in Distribution; used to send to to clients for payment.  We demonstrate using both the Search section and the Invoicing section; as well as processing per line item and per order.
  • Distribution Webinar – This is a recording of a 90 minute webinar, that demonstrates the procedures of managing orders via Distribution in MarcomCentral®. We show how to process individual items or entire orders through the various Distribution actions: Job Ticketing, Impositions, Shipping and Invoicing. In addition, an overview of features such as: search and review of past/present orders, in addition to creating, saving and exporting custom reports.

FusionPro® Links

Our cloud-based Personalized URL tool.

  • FusionPro Links Webinar – A recorded 1 hour webinar demonstrating how to set up a personalized URL campaign with FusionPro Links . The recording shows how campaigns are created, how the microsite pages are managed, generating the personalized URLs, track campaign performance with reports and more.

FusionPro® Expression

This is our install based, image personalization software.

  • FusionPro Expression Webinar – A recorded 2 hour webinar demonstrating how to use MarcomCentral’s personalized image software. We outline all of the tools and techniques within the application; the structure of an Expression, how to edit and export an Expression.  In addition, you get to see how to output images using the FusionPro Expression Producer capabilities, as well as its uses within FusionPro VDP Creator.