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MarcomCentral for Marketing Teams

See how MarcomCentral helps a marketing manager overcome the challenges of delivering personalized content to distributed field teams throughout an organization.


MarcomCentral Product Features

Take an in-depth look at MarcomCentral’s product features including customized templates, social media templates, asset types, and reporting. MarcomCentral allows field…


Meet MarcomCentral

Go behind the scenes with the MarcomCentral team. Headquartered in Solana Beach, California, MarcomCentral is a unique cloud-based software company that provides award-winning marketing…


MarcomCentral Overview

Channels, franchises, branches and field teams can access your marketing materials from anywhere at any time from one go-to, web-based marketing hub. Then they can customize or personalize…


Brand Compliance

Good brand compliance involves ensuring complete control of your corporate brand across every level of your organization. And nowhere is your brand more visible than in your marketing communications.


Corporate Marketing Template

Corporate marketing templates keep teams across any organization on the same page regarding presentation of its overarching corporate brand and messaging. They also allow users the flexibility…


Local Store Marketing

Local store marketing (LSM), also known as ‘neighborhood marketing’, targets consumers and businesses within a specific mile radius. LSM is a proven, long-term tactic of…


Marketing Asset Portal

A marketing asset portal is a web platform managed by the corporate marketing group that houses approved marketing materials for others to use. Marketing/Sales assets can include everything…


Salesforce Integration

MarcomCentral’s Salesforce integration allows you to work concurrently within Salesforce, pull key customer data and dynamically import it into your MarcomCentral portal…