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The First Step to Becoming a Change Maker in Your Organization

August 11, 2021
The First Step to Becoming a Change Maker in Your Organization

You’re new to a team or organization, and looking for ways to drive impact, quickly. To make a statement upon your arrival. We’ve all been there. You want to be noticed for driving change, and wouldn’t it be great if your hiring manager felt extra confident in their decision to hire you?

Regardless of your role, or even the type of organization you work in, chances are you work with digital files. Everything from word documents to images, maybe even logos, product photography, sales sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. In the year 2021, these digital files are seemingly endless. They’ve built up over the last twenty something years, and I’d be willing to bet you have days where you’re just as stressed about these digital files as you are that pesky linen closet in your house that desperately needs to be organized. Once we let these things get out of control for too long, there simply isn’t any prospect of being able to reel them in.

If your company leverages a shared drive or storage solution such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive to store your digital files, there’s a high probability that things might be bit chaotic when you take a peek behind the curtain.

By chaotic, I mean:

  • A file folder named “2020” filled with outdated assets from 2017
  • Images that you no longer have licensing to use stored in various locations
  • Folders labeled “Do not touch” because they’re full of documentation that is not approved by your legal team
  • Logo files, fonts, and design assets from your old brand guidelines scattered throughout various assets

And the icing on the cake here – all these chaotic examples, they’re wasting your time. On average, 7 hours a week of your time. If that doesn’t scream inefficiency, I don’t know what does.

The #1 way to drive change quickly? Improve efficiency.

Thankfully, there are solutions out there to tidy up your storage woes. Imagine a new linen closet with more space, extra shelves, everything labeled with a proper space, and room to grow. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Now take that and apply it to your work life.

These solutions are called Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools, and they were created to make organizing digital files easier. The real kicker? They will give you back your time and make your team more efficient.

If this sounds like the type of thing that your organization could benefit from, we encourage you to read a bit more about what DAMs like MarcomGather have to offer. Advanced search, user groups, approval processes, and automated metadata tagging to name a few.

While Digital Asset Management may seem like a simple concept, it has the power to truly streamline the way your organization functions and empower your teammates to take back wasted hours. Curious to learn more? Feel free to try it out for yourself with our free trial. And trust us when we say that your boss will thank you for bringing this change-making solution to the table.