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Why These 6 Industries Rely on Marketing Asset Management

January 17, 2017
Why These 6 Industries Rely on Marketing Asset Management

Marketing Asset Management (MAM) provides stability and control in highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, and financial services. In these verticals, outdated regulatory data can be inadvertently shared if assets are not properly controlled or managed.

Here’s why MAM provides corporate marketers piece of mind about compliance in these six industries:

1. Financial Services

Financial Services organizations can avoid potential conflicts beyond the line-of-sight by providing their teams access to the most current branded marketing materials. Agents, wealth managers, advisors and branch offices need real-time access to customizable, on-brand and regulatory compliant marketing pieces.

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2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations rarely speak directly to the end-users of their products. That responsibility falls upon channel partners across regions and around the world.

Dealers and distributors must access the latest materials from the field, especially when regulatory, standards or product information turn on a dime. They also need co-branded presentation templates, collateral, ads, emails, digital assets and more to take advantage of every possible revenue opportunity.

This process also has a large impact on improving distributor or dealer connections, solidifying a manufacturer’s reputation as open-minded and accessible, and demonstrating their commitment to being in it for the long haul with business partners.

3. Retail / franchise

The importance of local store marketing is paramount in retail and franchise environments. The key to everyone’s success in this environment is having access to the distinct messaging that speaks to their unique audiences, while retaining brand and regulatory compliance across the board.

Retailers are often spread across product lines, specialized divisions, and time zones. While it’s smart to customize cultural messaging, core brand integrity can get lost along the way. With Marketing Asset Management, organizations can maintain a consistent brand experience across borders.

What’s more, MAM can empower regional sites with big-brand collateral, ads, emails and digital assets they likely could never duplicate on their own without great expense. These sites can also take advantage of dynamic customization and 1:1 personalization of content and imagery – proven to help re-engage existing customers and pique the interest of new prospects.

4. Education

Education institutions often act as separate organizations, even under the same brand. Different departments often create their own rogue messaging, field recruiters may use outdated event signage, and tactics that are working for some aren’t shared as success models for others. Faced with the challenge of appealing to a variety of audiences, students, alums, donors, and supporters, it’s critical for education institutions to put unified materials forward.

5. Nonprofits and Associations

Gaining new members in a nonprofit or other association is dependent upon the organization’s ability to devise compelling messaging and support materials to increase member, volunteer or follower base. But this can be challenging, especially with potential roadblocks in the form of approval channels and regulatory compliance.

Touchpoints need to be relevant to the individual, and associations that want to grow and legitimize their brand can’t afford to use outdated technologies. Business information needs to be mobile, social and available in real time. Outdated manual processes can keep member drive campaigns in a holding pattern.

6. Healthcare

Within healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, the latest information is critical to ensure patient safety and compliance with information governance laws. When it comes to marketing assets, custom but outdated materials can lead to dangerously incorrect information. Marketing Asset Management allows for the controlled customization of certain materials, giving corporate marketers within healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations the ability to connect reps with approved assets and vendors from anywhere, anytime.

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