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What Is Digital Brand Management and How to Make It Work

June 13, 2022
What Is Digital Brand Management and How to Make It Work

Creating effective marketing campaigns requires a deep awareness of consumers, their expectations, and how a specific product can meet their needs. As brand management has become more complex, special projects buyers and marketing managers have had to adapt.

Businesses use print media to serve their clients’ branded messaging with traditional brand management. Digital brand management uses modern software, tools, and technologies to deliver brand awareness to potential consumers. This approach is essential for brand positioning and critical in brand management.

What Is Digital Brand Management?

Digital brand management is delivering branded content directly to consumers through digital mediums. These mediums can include social media, email, and direct messaging. 

A great example of a company that has taken hold of digital brand management is Allbirds. Allbirds is a sneaker company that was founded with a Kickstarter campaign. With practical digital marketing strategies, Allbirds’ creators were able to build a strong and world-renowned brand from the ground up in no time.

Major Facets of Digital Brand Management

When considering digital brand campaigns, businesses should understand the fundamentals of marketing with digital tools and techniques. This understanding makes it easier to effectively deliver quality service and products to clients across various markets.

Digital brand management offers special projects, buyers and marketing managers, comprehensive control over their messaging and associated brand awareness campaigns. Major facets of digital brand management include: 

Compliance Across Partners and Vendors

Creating and controlling strict brand guidelines is central to a successful marketing campaign. With digital brand management, special projects buyers and marketing managers can establish a strong brand identity and ensure it’s adhered to across the entire enterprise.

Control of Digital Brand Assets

Digital files, documents, and other forms of media give digital marketing campaigns value. Producing, evaluating, and distributing brand assets is simplified with digital asset management. 

Knowing who created the asset, what it was meant for, and how well it succeeds in its intended purpose provides businesses with an added layer of security when implementing marketing campaigns.

Consistency Across Campaigns and Channels

Keeping brands on-point can be difficult for businesses that operate across multiple channels or locations. Digital brand management gives users a unified interface for communicating messaging to potential clients and building long-term promotions.

Special projects buyers and marketing managers who want to stay on-point with specific ideas, values, and content can use digital brand management to ensure a uniform approach to messaging over a range of targeted regions.

Digital Reach to Target Customers and Increase Exposure

The digital market is ever-growing, meaning businesses have a lot to gain by tapping into digital brand management. Digital assets help companies reach more consumers by providing a flexible platform for deploying important messages and services. 

With digital brand management, special projects buyers and marketing managers can reach more consumers.

Take Your Digital Brand Management to the Next Level

Digital brand management offers unlimited growth capabilities to companies willing to leverage digital assets for their marketing campaigns.

This opportunity means that buyers and marketing managers of special projects can deliver quality services that take their brands to the next level.

Improve Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Many larger organizations with multiple departments find it challenging to promote cooperation across numerous teams and professionals. Digital asset management improves cross-departmental collaboration by giving employees better tools for communicating and sharing essential assets and projects.

Use Digital Tracking Tools to Gauge Brand Awareness

Understanding the public perception of a brand allows decision-makers to refine and build upon their existing marketing strategies. Digital asset management gives users a variety of tools to improve the reach of their marketing campaigns.

These include:

  • Social media analytics
  • Google trends
  • Google alerts for brand mentions
  • Online review sites
  • Other search sites

These digital tracking tools are a powerful solution for special projects buyers and marketing managers who want the most out of their digital campaigns.

Invest in a Digital Brand Management System

Digital brand management is becoming increasingly popular, meaning there are always new tools and software for businesses to take advantage of. By looking at the processes they use to promote brand awareness and deploy digital marketing campaigns, decision-makers are equipped to ensure their messaging stays on brand. 

This truth means it’s vital for special projects buyers and marketing managers to invest in their digital brand management system to either improve existing services or deploy those needed.

Building Brand Consistency Across All Marketing Channels

Brand consistency is essential when working across diverse regions and marketing channels. Making sure a brand is instantly recognizable no matter where it is marketed establishes reliability for end customers. 

Distributed marketing platforms allow businesses to build brand consistency by giving them the means to distribute branded products across various social media and marketing channels to a wide variety of end-users while maintaining a uniform brand. 

The key to ensuring brand consistency is to have distributed marketing management software that can handle everything needed for brand compliance. This should include company logo, colors, fonts, templates, images, and other assets. The benefits of getting this right are significant. You can enjoy the brand consistency and power of a fully centralized strategy while also having the insight and on-the-ground abilities of your field teams. In some organizations, such as franchise businesses, a distributed model is the only viable option.

Digital Brand Management Is Changing Fast

The policies, practices, and procedures that businesses use to influence public perception of their brands are continuously changing. Companies that want to keep up should consider how digital brand management can be used for various assets that they might rely on.

Digital Assets Are Evolving

There are many different types of assets that businesses can use for digital brand management nowadays, such as:

  • Images, logos, designs
  • Important documents and files
  • Music and video files
  • Ads, newsletters, etc

As technology evolves, new types of digital assets are used to gain an edge in marketing campaigns, and this makes it hard for companies to stay on top when it comes to digital brand management.

New Digital Media Channels

The methods that businesses use to market their brands are constantly being improved upon. Search engines, social media, email, and display advertising are some of the most popular channels that are used in modern marketing campaigns. 

Mobile and affiliate marketing are becoming popular ways for special projects buyers and marketing managers to deliver messaging to potential clients.

Better Digital Brand Management with MarcomCentral

Businesses that want to create new and unique experiences for clients turn to digital brand management for powerful marketing and communications tools

If you’re looking to deploy digital brand management within your organization, MarcomCentral offers a broad range of digital services that you can leverage to market your products or services to new clients. 

MarcomCentral’s marketing solutions are tailored to your business so you can enable your teams to build custom marketing strategies for the modern world. If you want to track usage statistics, build custom assets, or deploy mass updates across your marketing ecosystem, MarcomCentral is here to organize your digital asset platform. 

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