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What Is Marketing Asset Management, and Why Do Growing Businesses Need It?

October 20, 2022
What Is Marketing Asset Management, and Why Do Growing Businesses Need It?

Marketing teams often have a wide variety of tools and services available to leverage at any given time. While this can be powerful, leaders must have clearly defined strategies for dealing with potential setbacks and providing support. 

Marketing asset management (MAM) is the set of processes that businesses use to control resource distribution across the organization. This MAM offers the potential for huge market growth through better planning and budget allocation. 

What is marketing assets management useful for? Companies require access to a variety of marketing assets to promote their brands. Creative assets such as logos, branding, sales materials, and other content associated with their products and services provide a source of assets for promoting a message

What Problems Do MAM Platforms Solve?

MAM platforms are designed to offer a comprehensive solution to all of your company’s marketing needs. From social media and digital content to real-world campaigns, companies need to be prepared to communicate their messaging to potential clients as effectively as possible. 

With MAM platforms in place, decision-makers can use style guides and other valuable tools to enhance how they sell their core products and services. This results in customization at scale so businesses can stay on brand.

The ability to collect, analyze, and assess digital content and media has the potential to transform asset distribution for many smaller organizations. Companies with multiple marketing initiatives can use MAM to maintain clarity regarding ongoing projects. This oversight provides a streamlined path toward reliable growth.

Content Fragmentation Is a Real Problem

A fragmented media landscape has made it more difficult than ever for companies to deliver targeted advertising to clients. This fragmentation limits the effectiveness of marketing strategies and forces companies to split their resource distribution across multiple channels. 

Marketing Asset Management offers a solution to content fragmentation by providing a means to unify fragmented content. By giving teams a single source of truth for assets, MAM platforms provide a one-stop shop that sales reps can use to customize their products and create on-brand materials.

As the amount of streaming content and user engagement has grown, businesses have been left to play catch-up with their marketing strategies. MAM simplifies managing and distributing assets across multiple projects with customization, analytics, and connections to print providers.

There are many ways content fragmentation might cause creative campaigns to fail.

Creative Collaboration Is Harder in the Digital Era 

Remote teams often have a hard time reducing content creation timelines. Whether this issue stems from their inefficient use of emails or having too many reviews to deal with, companies need creative ways to collaborate in the modern world. 

MAM software offers users up-to-date communication and collaboration tools for creating better marketing campaigns. Traditional online tools have had difficulty tracking performance across multiple channels. However, a MAM system simplifies performance tracking by presenting insights into system metrics, resource utilization, and ongoing costs — all on a unified platform.

Brand Management Is Complicated by Thousands of Marketing Assets 

As businesses grow, marketing assets can hold back successful brand management. As operations gain more channels and partners, they have more assets to deal with, often leading to poor brand consistency. 

MAM software offers many benefits to users who may be overwhelmed by the number of marketing assets available. With MAM, marketing and sales professionals can effectively allocate resources where needed without wasting time and energy dealing with unwanted overhead.

MAM offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs for branding
  • Better asset overview
  • Improved tracking of asset performance
  • Remote access to assets

Using MAM software is an effective strategy for businesses seeing rapid growth. As these businesses reach out to more customers, leadership teams must clearly understand their brand identities and long-term goals. A MAM system can make it easier to track progress over multiple projects and make changes as needed. A single source of truth also makes it easier for companies to control their brand because it provides a single location for everything to be designed and approved, streamlining the iterative process.

Sales Agents Are Not Marketers 

There is often some confusion about the difference between sales and marketing. While they might seem similar, each field has to deal with its own unique challenges. Because salespeople and agents aren’t always as knowledgeable about marketing, they can sometimes have difficulty leveraging marketing assets and understanding how a MAM system can help in day-to-day interactions.

MAM software is a powerful tool for salespeople and agents who want to effectively leverage marketing assets to deliver better client service. With MAM, users have access to a digital repository of marketing assets that can be used to deliver a unique experience to potential clients. This setup is essential for setting your business apart from the competition.

Best Practices for Successful MAM

MAM software provides an ideal solution to improve performance and boost productivity across your marketing campaigns. Successful MAM deployments require an understanding of common best practices. Having a strict process in place for dealing with marketing assets can prevent unwanted resource waste.

A successful MAM must:

  • Have clear communication channels
  • Make assets discoverable
  • Limit access and privileges
  • Focus on problem-solving
  • Define goals and expectations

MAM solutions result in a more collaborative environment alongside improvements to IT security. This allows businesses to engage their workforce and prioritize clients. Growing businesses need MAM to reach productivity targets and improve returns over time. With the right solution in place, businesses will quickly see their efforts rewarded.

The ROI of Marketing Asset Management

MAM software is a cost-effective solution with the efficiency to maximize return on investment for businesses. The right MAM provides marketing and sales professionals a means to generate two to three times more local revenue, reducing costs by up to 75%.

MarcomCentral Offers Comprehensive Asset Management Solutions

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