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6 Tips for Successful Adoption of Your Marketing Portal

March 15, 2016
6 Tips for Successful Adoption of Your Marketing Portal

After months of researching and speaking with various companies, you’ve finally succeeded in choosing the perfect online marketing portal to house all of your company’s assets.

And while it may seem like the hard part is over, your journey is just beginning. Now, it is your responsibility to introduce your team to this new marketing technology, teach them how to use it, and encourage them to actually use it for their marketing campaigns on a daily basis.

This is a lot easier said than done – especially in larger organizations with multiple office or franchise locations that span various time zones. To help with this problem, we’ve compiled a list of six best practices you can use to increase the chances of a successful adoption of your online marketing portal.

Train your marketing team first

Chances are that your marketing or branding team will be spending the most amount of time in your new online marketing portal. Therefore, it only makes sense to train them on how to use it first.

It’s important that before you actually begin the training process, you make sure everyone on your team understands the value of the new marketing asset management technology. Not only will this encourage them to use the software more frequently, but they will be better able to spread the message to other departments.

Remove Barriers to Usage      

Make access simple by allowing single sign-on capabilities. This permits users to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. Not only does this remove any barriers to usage, but it also reduces the complexity associated with multiple usernames and passwords.

Set up an internal campaign

Do what you do best and market the platform to your team internally! In addition to spreading the news by word-of-mouth, we recommend that you promote your new marketing web portal using email marketing series, online training sessions, posters (or other print materials), and an updated brand guide. Not only will this allow you to get the word out quickly and efficiently, but it shows that you’re invested in the success of the marketing portal.

Whether you send out detailed instructions and training videos via email or pass out flyers and other print materials in the office, providing information about the new marketing portal that other employees can refer back to is always a great idea. And don’t be afraid to have some fun with this – you may even consider creating a contest with giveaways.

Spread the word during company events

Whether you have internal conferences, tradeshows, company meetings, or town hall meetings, use that opportunity to promote your campaign. For instance, you could do a demonstration on the new online marketing resource and have staff on-hand to answer any questions employees may have.

You will be surprised by how many people have not yet heard about it (even if you did send them an email campaign previously)  and are eager to try it out once they hear about it in person.

Take the Time to Educate Partners & Vendors

Educate affiliates, branch offices, franchises, and channel partners on the power of operating as one unit. For example, you can explain that there is more strength behind the brand when all marketing assets that reach the public look the same and maintain the same messaging. Present them with examples of brands who do this well and brands who could improve upon it and then ask them which ones they trust and admire more.

Oftentimes, people simply don’t understand the importance of brand consistency and the role that branding plays in the company’s overall reputation. Drive in the point that consistency develops positive brand awareness and that positive brand awareness will benefit the company and its employees in the long-run.

Create Brand Ambassadors

High-performing individuals who are doing an outstanding job at executing their marketing programs with the new marketing portal should be recognized for their excellence. They understand the value and are best positioned to share their knowledge with other professionals. Consider developing a Brand Ambassador program – formal or informal – that rewards those who have fully integrated the new marketing portal into their workflow.

Not only will your Brand Ambassadors spread the word about the new online marketing platform in a meaningful way, but they can also relay what is happening in the field – giving you the opportunity to make adjustments as needed.