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6 Tips for Successful Adoption of Your Marketing Portal

By Sarah Steele, Business Relationship Manager, 3/15/2016

Marketing Tips

1. Train your marketing team first! Make sure everyone on your team understands the value of the new marketing asset management technology so they’re able to spread the message to other departments.

2. Make access simple by allowing single sign-on therefor reducing complexity with multiple usernames and passwords and removing barriers to usage.

3. Set up an internal campaign. Promote your new marketing portal using an email series, online training sessions, posters (or other print materials), and updating your branding guide. Consider creating a contest with giveaways.

4. Spread the word during company events. Whether you have internal conferences, tradeshows, company meetings, or town halls, use that opportunity to promote your campaign. Present demo and have staff on hand to answer questions. Treat this like any other marketing event.

5. Educate affiliates, branch offices, franchises, or channel partners, on the power of operating as one unit, e.g., there is more strength behind the brand when everything that reaches the public looks the same and maintains the same messaging. Consistency develops positive brand awareness.

6. Create Brand Ambassadors. High performing individuals who are doing an outstanding job at executing their marketing programs with the new marketing portal should be recognized for their excellence. They understand the value and are best positioned to share their knowledge with other professionals. Your Brand Ambassadors can also relay what is happening in the field giving you the opportunity to make adjustments as needed.