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Brand Platform: What Is It and How Do I Create One?

November 29, 2023
Brand Platform: What Is It and How Do I Create One?

The ability to market products and services is essential for businesses wanting to increase their brand value. With a solid brand management strategy, companies can enjoy positive returns and greater customer loyalty.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to plan and compile all of the critical information about a specific brand. The good news is that marketing and brand managers can use a brand platform to establish their long-term vision and help to keep operations on track.

What Is a Brand Platform?

So, what is a brand platform?

  A brand platform is a living marketing document designed to change over time. It essentially describes the organization's identity, strategies for messaging, and the overall image that will be used to guide your company forward. 

With the right tools and services, including a brand platform, you can analyze your products and deliverables. When you do this properly, you can create a strong identity in the minds of the consumers you serve.

Brand Platform Examples

Before you dive into creating a good brand platform, you’ll need to understand how specific messaging can influence how customers perceive your company. 

A brand platform will provide the foundational messaging and visual associations of a brand. To build the right brand platform, you’ll need to target the right customers and account for other, potentially external, associations.

There are many examples of brand platforms available to businesses that want to improve their reputations. Universities, enterprise-level organizations, multinational companies, and foundations all use brand platforms to reinforce their images with potential clients. 

Here are a few of the most impactful examples of a solid brand platform:

Colorado Mesa University

For Colorado Mesa University, the brand platform is built on the organization’s principles, values, and competitive advantages. One of their top values is consistency.

To build on their brand platform, the university communicates its values through a dedicated staff, top-of-the-line technology, a personalized educational environment, and inclusive opportunities for all students.

Full brand platform document:


Proofpoint’s brand platform is built to display the unique accomplishments of the organization. With this in mind, they focus on showcasing the company’s proven solutions, innovation, speed, advanced analytics, and commitment to customer success.

Full brand platform document:

Avon Colorado

Avon Colorado’s brand platform is centered around creating unique experiences for clients and connecting with simple, efficient tools. To do this, Avon creates ongoing campaigns for online learning, outreach, and product awareness. 

For Avon, individual representatives offer an opportunity to teach new skills and grow the business simultaneously. To establish the company’s brand identity, leadership focuses on enabling representatives to communicate their own experiences to potential clients.

Full brand platform document:


At Mozilla, capturing the hearts and minds of consumers is a vital part of the company’s brand management strategy. Mozilla’s brand platform is structured around the company’s brand manifesto, which outlines the importance of communication and collaboration in business. 

To accomplish their goals, Mozilla proudly displays a commitment to their belief in an open, free internet that anyone can use. They encourage civil discussions, an emphasis on human dignity, and respect for individual expression.

Full brand platform document:

What’s Included in a Brand Platform Document?

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of the top examples of brand platforms, it’s time to learn how to create one for your business.

A template for a brand platform document generally contains the essential building blocks of a brand’s core strategic vision. A brand platform document should be clear, concise, and designed using a consistent format.

This document should include important information such as:

  • The mission statement
  • A target audience
  • Explicit core values
  • Branding guidelines
  • A unique value proposition
  • Information about the brand culture

A good brand platform document can mean the difference between success and failure. Businesses can develop a clear and consistent formula for creating brand awareness by defining their brand strategy in a brand-platform document. 

How to Create a Strong Brand Platform

Businesses need to create brand platforms highlighting how the company stands out from its competitors. By building and refining a strong brand platform, businesses can be equipped to develop strong messaging that’s directed toward the right audience.

  So what is the best way to create a robust brand platform? First, consider your brand positioning and the value you bring to the market. Next, think about the identity of your target consumers. Finally, consider how your brand can offer value or meaning to your target audience. 

By effectively considering the key qualities of your brand, marketing and brand managers can help to separate your business from the competition.

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