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Ready to Build a Better Brand? Here’s How Brand Management Can Help

January 22, 2020
Ready to Build a Better Brand? Here’s How Brand Management Can Help

At the heart of every great brand is a true identity. It’s what the brand stands for, how it connects, and how it produces value in the world. The brand takes shape through hundreds, if not thousands, of interactions. And every interaction is a chance to connect and build one more block of your brand. 

Likewise, every touchpoint is a chance to change the core proposition of your organization, or create an asset that breaks brand guidelines and strategy. In fact, four out of 10 organizations have fragmented content across the various touchpoints that consumers experience throughout the customer journey. As your organization continues to mature, the rapid creation of paid, earned, and owned media as well as content channels means greater complexity for marketers striving to maintain consistent brand messaging. Because buyers are engaging with your brand across a variety of channels—whether through social media, email, or webinars—it’s imperative that consistency is maintained throughout. 

What are the risks of inconsistent branding? Failure to have consistent brand messaging could negatively impact the customer’s journey and can be a cause for lasting confusion. Across various media formats, inconsistent branding could lead to a brand’s identity getting lost, causing the customer to question what they really know about the brand. If the customer feels like they are unsure of the brand’s identity, this will likely cause them to lose trust. 

At MarcomCentral, we understand how important it is for organizations to consistently express their brand and key messages through their content. Marketers in today’s world are caught between the traditional ways of managing brand assets and the speed with which these assets need to be created, distributed, maintained, integrated, tracked, analyzed, and updated. Yet, the operational systems to do this consistently are rarely in place. 

In order for brands to grow and become more successful, they must become more consistent. So, how can marketers achieve this consistency and work toward building a better brand in 2020? Following brand management best practices is the perfect place to start, allowing marketers to take control and deliver consistent brand messaging to build a better brand. 

But why should you care about building a better brand? To put it simply, better brands have more loyal customers. When you create a brand, not only do you create a business, but you also create a legacy with which you have the opportunity to form connections with your audience. These connections help to humanize your brand, building trust with potential buyers. The more these buyers feel like they know and trust you, the more likely they will be to choose your product or service over a competitor. Along those lines, appealing to new or prospective customers is much less of a lift when you possess a strong brand identity and consistent brand management. These are both crucial components of what it means to build a better brand. 

To that end, there are tools that can help marketers achieve brand consistency and ultimately drive brand loyalty—MarcomCentral provides tools that deliver agile, personalized, and time-sensitive content across not just the buyer’s journey, but the entirety of the brand-consumer relationship. To ensure that only brand approved communication formats and assets are used across your organization, consider a progressive DAM solution like ours. DAM, or digital asset management, acts as a large repository to store digital assets. Because a DAM utilizes metadata and AI for version control and file history, marketers can find their desired assets more efficiently and ensure brand consistency across all marketing collateral. 

Staying true to your brand is everything. Consistent brand management allows you to form a deeper connection with your audience and encourages them to trust you. At the end of the day, building a better brand is all about empowering your organization  to create positive, desirable customer interactions that support them in every step of their journey. 

Let MarcomCentral’s advanced DAM solution empower you today so that you can start building a stronger, smarter, better brand.